Ways to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Paxful 


Paxful is a great platform working on peer-to-peer finance. It would enable you to purchase Bitcoins, stable coins, and other cryptocurrencies directly from other available users. It would not involve corporations and banks. You would become an integral aspect of the community comprising a plethora of users. They would use Paxful to gain control over their finances. 

The goal of Paxful would be to make financial services easily accessible to several people across the world. They would help provide the opportunity to spend the money wherever they deem fit along with significantly improving their routine lives. Let us delve on how to buy bitcoin with greendot card instantly on Paxful. 

Purchasing Bitcoin on Paxful has been deemed easy and convenient. All you have to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Log in or sign up for a free wallet 
  • After having an account, you need to choose the mode of payment, amount, and the type of cryptocurrency you intend to buy. Choose the traditional currency you intend to pay. 
  • You need to browse through the list of available options. It would be essential to choose the one matching your specific needs. You should also review the terms of the different sellers. 
  • After satisfying the conditions of the seller, you should enter the cryptocurrency amount you intend to purchase for starting the trade. You could chat live with the seller. 
  • You need to follow the instructions of the seller for making the payment and confirming it. 
  • After the seller confirms your payment, the cryptocurrency would transfer into your Paxful wallet. 

When you complete the purchase successfully, you could send or spend the Bitcoins on any wallet. You could also use the Bitcoins directly from the Paxful Wallet. The several payment methods that you come across has made purchasing Bitcoins relatively easy and convenient.