Web design trends 2021 that you will find in Bangkok studios

Web design is one of the most dynamically developing industries nowadays. With the growing tendency of business activity to move online, the demand for creative and innovative solutions in web design and development is growing every day. While people shop, search and share their opinions online, the User Experience (UX) factor becomes the most important competitive feature all over the world. Bangkok web design studios have always been able to remain on the cutting edge of the industry. That is why when we want to analyze the Webdesign trends that will take over the Internet in 2021, it is Bangkok web design, that we should address today.

Dark Mode

World-leading developers have been adding the dark mode feature to their websites and applications for a while already. Except for looking super modern and fresh, it has several important practical features

  • It saves the battery of mobile devices
  • It reduces the influence of “white light” from the screens protecting users` eyes
  • It helps to create an accent in the design making certain element pop up and attract more attention

In 2021 we shall see the development of this trend. Bangkok web design studios already offer the so-called dawn/dusk modes that would let a user regulate the shading of the page, making the whole experience more personalized.

3D art and immersive elements

Immersive designs are widely-known since the 1970s. Back then they were an ultimate trend in interior design all over the world. Now that the 3D technologies let talented designers create new universes in the online space, immersive elements have found a new home helping numerous websites become more successful. Bangkok web designers have always been famous as outstanding 3D artists, and the fashion on immersive elements gives a whole new meaning to 3D art in Webdesign 2021. Another feature that puts Bangkok designers on the cutting edge of the industry in 2021 is the experience and ability to convert massive visual content without compromising on the quality. This has been inherited from the Asian Webdesign tradition that is famous for its heavy visual content. Bangkok web designers were the first ones in the Asian market who understood its influence on the loading speed and learned to do efficient adjustments.

Layers and shadows

The trend of layering comes and goes in the fashion industry. In 2021 it will play an active role in web design. Here and there we notice more and more websites that seem to combine different elements into one consistent picture. Sometimes photographs are put over dynamic or graphic elements, also the use of contrasting colors and textures becomes extremely important nowadays. Another trend that will pass to 2021 and is supported by Bangkok web design studios is shadowing. The development of 3D and its integration into web design requires a more vivid and realistic experience. Grainy shades and color gradients are seen as rough and unqualified job nowadays, and smooth shading obtains a new meaning and significance.

Voice User Interference (VUI)

With the development of Artificial Intellect (AI), chatbots have become more popular. They help to save time and energy of the user and money of the business owner. Chatbots create an atmosphere of care for people, as they see that they may always ask a question and get a fast and relevant answer. At the same time, chatbots work instead of costly and hard to manage call-centers that now lose their position on the market. Voice user interface is a new level of chatbots that engages a user into a conversation making it look more alive than a chat through messages. Bangkok-developed websites widely adopt this new technology and nowadays it might be called an upcoming trend of 2021 Webdesign.