What are The Best Escape Room Games Online?

Online escape room games have become increasingly famous over the past few years. This fun game has a group of people gathered in a locked room designed with various puzzles that should be solved so that the team can escape and succeed before the timer runs out. It helps people or teams to collaborate and conceptualize in ways they never thought.

If you’re keen to test your remote team’s ability to work together and solve puzzles, an online escape room game might be the best solution. What makes these experiences more interesting is that players get the convenience of video conferencing tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

However, while this game may remain really exciting, some of these escape room games can be expensive to play. Because of that, lockpaperscissors.co have decided to provide you with a list of some of the best online escape room games available on the internet that won’t cost you a fortune to play.

  1. The Cursed Melody

Two of the HorrorLand horror park producers are behind this amazing and absolutely free escape room game, and they are also entirely responsible for the popular Insomnia Escape Room.

The Cursed Melody begins with a visit to a webpage that tells you that you only have less than 24 hours to live once you listen to its song. Unless you specifically request assistance in the email.

Despite its macabre concept and the curriculum of its two authors, this escape room isn’t downright terrifying, so it’s suitable for the entire family. Through videoconference, friends and relatives from distant locations may join.

  1. An Unexpected Trip

Another fantastic online escape room that is completely free and uses the following method: The López family goes on holiday every year, and this year’s location is a beautiful island. Everything appears to be going well because the family has received a multi-million dollar wealth, allowing them to rest in style. Something is certain to go wrong.

This game needs a minimum of two-player and a maximum of six players. It is not suggested that you play alone because the adventure is often broken up into segments. The more people there are, the better. It may be played on any device, and each player can use their phone, computer, or tablet to participate.

  1. The Dumbledore Trial

This is one of the greatest online escape rooms game designs for the entire family. It’s a streaming version of a well-known experience. It is based on the Harry Potter world, as the title indicates, and it turns out that Muggles can attend Hogwarts, the renowned School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but only if they can solve the cryptic conundrum devised by the school’s legendary headmaster.

The Dumbledore exam is an hour long and takes place in real-time. It can accommodate up to 100 people at a cost of 10 euros per person.

  1. The Doors

The Doors is another maze in the escape the room game genre, with rooms and doors that seem to last forever. The game can become a fast-paced whirlwind trying to figure out which door led to where. Still, all that matters is investigating every nook and cranny of the rooms.

  1. Laura’s Awakening

A unique and free virtual escape room. Its idea will hook you right away: “Laura, an 8-year-old girl who enjoys dreaming, has been engulfed in a halo of darkness from which she is unable to emerge. She requires your assistance in escaping and reopening her eyes.” It’s a solo or cooperative adventure that works well on a laptop.