What Are the Current Trends in Horse Riding Fashion & Apparel?

Things You Should Wear While Horseback Riding

It is vital to remember that horseback riding is not a simple sport. It can lead to muscle strain, which is why you should wear proper apparel that will provide you flexibility and enjoyment. 

We can differentiate numerous reasons why dressing properly matters. At the same time, you should know that riding is not about looking amazing. Instead, it would be best to think about clothing to feel comfortable and safe. 

Remember that choosing the right clothes will reduce the chances of experiencing saddle sores, reduce your chances of falling and help you focus on riding. You should click here to learn more about horse tack. 

We decided to provide you with basic information on essentials you should always wear. Remember that riding features specific niches, each one with a unique dressing code you should follow. 

You should understand a few rules each of them requires, including wearing heeled boots, clothing that will not chafe, and a helmet for protection. 

In the further article, you will learn everything about things you should wear and reasons to do it in the first place. 

Essential Rules You Should Follow

  • Protect Your Feet from Slipping

For both professional and casual riding, it is mandatory to wear boots. The main problem is that most horse owners will neglect this activity, but you should know that boots should feature at least ½-inch heels. 

You can choose Western cowboy boots, English style, Chelsea, or sneaker hybrid explicitly created for horseback riding. Remember that boots with a heel are vital for preventing potential slippage through or into the stirrups. 

It will be challenging to slip far into a stirrup when you have at least half an inch heel. Therefore, the chances will be low to fall or injuring yourself along the way. 

  • Head Protection

When it comes to commercial riding environments, including trails, stables, and beach horseback riding, you need to wear head protection or a helmet. 

Compared with other sports, you should specifically choose the one created for riding. For instance, a bicycle helmet will not protect all parts of your head, which is vital to consider when selecting the best one for your needs. 

You can rest assured because when you reach a stable or other business where you can enjoy riding, the chances are high you can choose a wide array of options. According to statistics, most accidents will lead to head injury.

You can prevent them from happening by wearing protective gear that will help you enjoy the sport without any additional hassle. 

  • Sensitive Parts Protection

The most common issues for riders are saddle sores, especially if you are a beginner. Since the skin can chafe, you can also experience open sores if you are not careful enough. 

Suppose you wish to prevent them from happening. In that case, we recommend you to wear seamless underwear, specific pants, and skin lubricant or powder to reduce friction between fabric and skin. 

Of course, if you are riding for less than thirty minutes, you will not experience anything. However, long trials require planning to avoid uncomfortable issues. 

Check out this guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Dress-for-Horse-Riding to learn how to dress properly for horseback riding. 

What Should You Wear for Casual Riding?

Now that you know the basics, you should remember that it comes with other rules you should follow. Everything depends on the horseback niche you decide to enjoy, which is why we will present you with a brief guide to help you out with the process.

    • Top – Start with a basic sweatshirt, shirt, or sweater you can wash without problems. We recommend you avoid shirts with holes and decorations that dangle as well as delicate fabrics. 
    • Pants – Comfortable jeans or leggings are the perfect options you can use. 
  • Helmet – You should always ask for a helmet if you do not have the one for your needs. However, you can also order it in advance, which will provide you peace of mind and protect you if you fall.
  • Footwear – As mentioned above, you should always wear boots with heels, but avoid the highest options you can find on the market. For instance, Chelsea boots are perfect and comfortable for most riders, meaning you can obtain a quality pair to ensure the best course of action. 
  • Accessories – If you wish to enjoy, you do not have to get chaps, gloves, and other things required for professionals. 
  • Undergarments – You should find minimal-seam or seamless briefs and a comfortable bra. 

Dressing on Vacation

Remember that when you decide to enjoy horseback riding on a white-sand beach, you will feel like a romantic novel.

It does not matter whether your vacation includes mountain trails, enjoying the beach or visiting someone’s ranch, because you should remember things you should bring with you beforehand. That way, you can prevent discomfort and other problems that may happen. 

If you are at the beach, you should wear a tank top or plain shirt. However, you should expect plenty of flies while riding, meaning you can get lightweight cotton or long sleeve shirt for protection and comfort. 

If you do it on the beach, you can wear shorts instead of regular ones when it comes to pants. However, you should choose the one without cuffs and seams. Besides, you should keep the fabric smooth under the thighs to ensure overall smoothness. 

Bicycle shorts are perfect options, but avoid the ones with plenty of pockets and bulk. A beach rider will offer you a helmet, but you can rest assured that underneath you will be a smooth surface compared with other options. 

It would help if you learned more about horse riding fashion trends by visiting a link we shared.

Still, you should wear one to protect yourself from potential accidents. Remember that if you are wet from the water, you should add another layer to prevent painful friction throughout the process.

Generally, a wet layer against your skin can cause severe burns, especially if you are doing it for a long time. 

Horseback riding should be an interesting and exciting activity, meaning you should find the perfect attire that will provide you peace of mind.