What Are the Must-Have Games and Toys for Children?


One of the things parents ponder on the most is the topic of toys. Parents spend a lot of time thinking what the perfect toy would be to give their child. If you are among those parents who believe that toys and games would hinder your child’s growth, then you should try and understand why your thinking is incorrect. According to a specialist in the field of knowledge about children, toys and games help in enhancing the motor skills of your child. A child’s creativity, the ability to learn something new, construction of ideas and many other such skills are most likely to develop if they are given the appropriate games and toys.

A major question remains about how to understand what toys or which games are suitable for the child. The following tips will guide you towards having a better understanding. Also, if you are looking forward to buying the toys, games or any stationery online, then make sure to use hotozcoupons promo code for a good discount on your purchase.

  1. The One-Year-Olds

The initial months of a baby are spent in a haze because their sight does not adjust to the surroundings properly, and their vision is blurry. The baby’s senses start developing gradually. It is best to give them items having bright and bold patterns, which are likely to attract their attention. Also, infants start teething at this time and they tend to chew on any item they get in their hand. The best toys for this age would be rattles, unbreakable mirrors, soft and washable stuffed toys.

  1. The Two to Three-Year-Olds

After their one year, the babies start to comprehend what if happening in their surrounding better. The cause and effect of the actions and reactions are fascinating to them. It is the age when babies start developing their motor skills. Any toy which gives the baby a chance to acquire a new skill is good. The toys should be attractive as well as interactive; otherwise, the baby would not give it much attention. The games like stacking rings and short puzzles are suggested since they help in the development of the child’s comprehension and enhance their problem-solving skills. For a three-year-old kid, it would be good to give them a toy like a battery car or a tricycle which will introduce them to the concept of motion. Construction toys and musical instruments are also suggested. 

  1. The Three-Year-Oldsand Above

From the age of itself, kids should be given educational toys. Educational toys are the ones which will provide the knowledge and contribute to their mental development (in some cases physical development as well). Some of the highly recommended toys or games are as follows:

  1. Blocks

One of the things very interesting about Blocks is that they are suitable for any age group. Anyone can play blocks and learn from it. This gamedevelops a child’s motor skills and strengthen spatial skills. It will improve their hand and eye coordination. 

Blocks have a variety to them. There are just plain and simple blocks, which can be used to play construction games. There are also periodic blocks, i.e., the blocks having a symbol or name of the elements of the periodic table. You can help your kid learn science in a fun way with the help of these blocks.

  1. Art Supplies

Giving a medium which will make a child imagine and think creatively, is very important. You can give your child age-appropriate art supplies such as crayons, paint, brushes etc. Indulging them in the art from a young age could most likely turn into something even more passionate. Might be your kid is the next Picasso!

  1. Jumping Rope

A jumping rope is a great way of making your little one get some exercise and in a fun way. A jumping rope is one among the most effective ways to improve the kid’s motor skills and also balance. Let your kid get some sunshine and have fun with the jumping rope.

  1. Rubik’s Cube

This cube is guaranteed to put all your kid’s brain cells into action. It is attractive and has all the primary colours on it. A Rubik’s cube is the best way to improve the analytical skills of a child.

Never keep your child away from toys and games as it is essential to remember that, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”!