What Can Be Called a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is a concern with teeth and gums, it includes the matters that are in need of urgent professional care. One never knows when they might need a good dentist for an emergency visit, this is the reason why you should always have a good practitioner like San Ramon, emergency dentistry in mind.

Let’s have a look at some cases that come under the umbrella of a dental emergency:

  • Fractured teeth- A fractured tooth can be a result of an accident and is responsible for acute pain, also a cosmetic concern for many. A root canal surgery helps with the pain and if the tooth is salvageable, it might be restored with the filling or a crown. If the fracture has rendered the tooth in a non-salvageable condition, it will have to be extracted and then replaced with either a removable denture or with a permanent solution like a dental implant or a bridge.
  • Avulsed or lost tooth- Often a tooth or a few come out in an accident, if the tooth comes out with the root, it is advisable that you save it and rush to a dentist; it can be immersed in milk to save it for up to 60 minutes. They can put it back in the socket successfully thus saving your natural tooth. In case of a lost tooth, there are several ways that can help you in replacing the missing tooth.
  • Luxated teeth- A trauma can often result in displaced teeth thus causing cosmetic concerns as well as pain, it can be fixed by splitting it with the neighboring healthy teeth.
  • Toothaches- Toothaches are actually one of the worst kinds of aches and can be hard to cope with and need urgent medications. This might be caused due to different reasons, for example, a trauma which has caused painful cracks or a fracture, an infection, hypersensitivity which might be a result of tooth decay which has been ignored and not treated, or bruxism (grinding one’s teeth) can also result in severe pain. A root canal can help in all types of toothaches.
  • Serious infection- An infection that originates in teeth can spread to the face if it gets worse; it can result in an infected face that might be swollen.

Not just these, there are several other situations that are considered a dental emergency, however, these are the more serious ones that require prompt treatment.