What Can I Use to Make Wood Signs?

If you want to make custom wood signs, you have to get some essential materials. These materials come in different shapes and sizes. However, it is worthwhile to note that the particular method you want to use for making your wood signs can influence the essential items you need to get.

In general, what you need to make wood signs include the following:

Wood sign base

Just as the name of the sign suggests, its base is made of wood. So, the most paramount thing you need to make custom wood signs is the wood sign base. To make the task easier for you, you should use a piece of birch plywood. Go to any of the local home improvement stores around you to get pieces of plywood you need for your custom wood signs.

Pieces of plywood come in various sizes and designs as they are usually pre-cut for the buyers. So, you should be sure of the size and design of the wood signs you want to make before selecting a piece of plywood.

Cutting machine

If the piece of plywood has not been pre-cut, you will need a cutting machine to cut it to your taste. You have to be careful with the use of this machine so that you don’t render your plywood useless. A saw may also come in handy for cutting your plywood.

Pine boards

Before completing the wood sign, you will need to add a wood frame to it. For your wood frame, you need small pieces of pine boards. Otherwise, you can choose pieces of plywood to make your wood frame.


The major function of the paint is the coloring of the background of the wood sign you want to create. There are different types of paints, and most of them are good for this task. Some of the paints you can use are chalk paints and small craft paints.

Oil-based paint pens

You need oil-based paint pens for creating awesome signs on the board. These pens are usually easy to use, and some may even come with instructions on how to use them.


To paint the wood, you have to get a paintbrush. There are tons of paintbrushes in the market today, so you cannot have issues with selecting one. Alternatively, you can use a small foam paint roller.

A printout of the sign design or stencil

For your custom wood signs, you can utilize either a stencil or a printout of the sign design. The stencil refers to the piece of material that contains the letters you want to place on your plywood.

A brad nailer

After placing the stencil or printout of the sign design on the plywood, you will need to use a brad nailer to attach the wood frame to the board itself. If you don’t have a brad nailer, a hammer and finishing nails can be used as alternatives.

If you have all these items already, it is time you started making your custom wood signs without much hassle.