What Do People Living in Poverty Need from Us?

Many countries worldwide cite poverty as a pressing problem that needs to be solved within their borders. But poverty is not a problem that can go away. It affects millions of people around the world. In Singapore, poverty may not seem that bad of a problem because the issue is less prominent in developed rather than developing countries. But that does not mean poverty is completely nonexistent in a rich country. Poverty is a social problem that continues to plague all countries and exists in many forms. For example, the effects of poverty affect many people in Singapore. Thousands of families struggle to get the necessities for their daily lives.

When people cannot meet their basic needs, society suffers too. Poverty can lead to a rise in criminal activities. Developing and developed countries will lose out on valuable talent because otherwise skilled or hardworking people cannot focus on creating quality output and contributions to their communities. Poverty is also the root of higher death tolls and illnesses because poor families do not have access to medical care.

Thankfully, the Singaporean government has some programmes to address urban poverty in Singapore. They provide financial aid and sometimes housing to the poorest 20% of the population. They also create other programmes to address this situation. They also create projects that address poverty in its many forms, like homebuilding and more. Because poverty can spill over from individuals and families to society, everyone is affected by it regardless of personal health.

But just because we have these ways to combat poverty does not mean we should be complacent. We have a long way to go before the responsibility of poverty is finished. We might not see a true solution in our lifetimes, but it is worth a shot to alleviate some of the symptoms coming with poverty.

What Does Poverty Do to People?

Poverty is a social problem almost as old as society. When people look at poverty from a wide-angle perspective, they often feel overwhelmed. They may not think that any contribution may have an impact on the cause. They might believe that addressing poverty is a task better suited for government officials or those with significant power.

But if that were the case, then grassroots organisations led by people taking up volunteer opportunities in Singapore would never get off the ground. In reality, ordinary people’s work can do so much more than many might realise. We are so much more in touch with the people we help rather than those in positions of power. National and international organisations worldwide seek to address poverty in various ways, using projects launched to fight poverty. You might be surprised by the variety of projects that launch now.

Things Any Impoverished Person Would Need


So how do you get around finding the right things that impoverished people want and need to have happy and fulfilling lives like us? Even organisations with ample resources and funds cannot accomplish their goals using willpower alone. They need the help of a dedicated person to help them more. Assistance from a group of people is sometimes more helpful than the support of a single powerful person. Here is exactly what you need so you can help those who are living in poverty.

1) Money

Money makes the world go round, especially in expensive countries like Singapore. Donations are highly appreciated because they help organisations get closer to their goals. Projects might include relief donation drives, material costs for building projects, and helping to hire full-time staff to run the organisation. Money is one of the most common donations that many people make in the face of a calamity or other cause.

2) Food

Did you know that millions of children worldwide grow up malnourished? A little food can go a long way to making kids happier and healthier. Most donation drives encourage you to give nonperishables like canned meats and soups so they wouldn’t spoil during transit. If you have any foods you do not plan on eating and instead want to throw away, why not recycle them through a soup kitchen? Some people also look for volunteers who are willing to attend soup kitchen duties.

3) Learning

Everyone talks about the effects of living in poverty, but what most people do not realise is that it can sometimes result in a vicious cycle. An impoverished individual is less likely to find good work and is therefore forced into poverty with no way out. What they need is education that can help empower them into reaching their full potential. But they cannot do this without any skilled teachers willing to help them, and education is not cheap and very few fully paid teachers will consider teaching impoverished children that cannot give back any money. That is why they need skilled volunteers willing to take precious time off to teach people their skills so they may be able to apply them to their job.

4) Housing

Housing is one of the most problematic issues that impoverished individuals face today. No one wants to sleep homeless and on the streets. But with the rising costs of housing, there are not many places where people can sleep and call home. The Singapore government does have a housing scheme for the poorest people, but some individuals are unfortunate to have uncertain fates regarding reliable housing. It is high time that we can help them with concrete housing options and plans. We can resolve many problems by participating in housebuilding projects and the like.

The Best of You is one of the top organisations seeking to address social inequality in Singapore. Learn more about how you can contribute to the cause by checking out their website now.