What Exactly is Apple Watch Loop Band


These are watch straps which are specially made for Apple watches and also the iWatch on your wrist. The original Apple watches loop bands, and straps are pretty expensive, and so you cannot always buy them to customize your Apple watch. Then there comes the third-party who has many affordable, stylish designs with your wrist’s size. 

They come in sizes just like the original Apple watch loop band fits for 38 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm and 44 mm. These watch bands are made from metals -leather, rubber, silicone and also cloth.

You can also buy watch bands which are sweat proof and very useful for those who hit the gym or are the sportsperson. You can also opt for the waterproof watch bands fit for swimmers, they have plenty of high-quality options available in budget suiting you.

As the original Apple watch uses a hook and loop fastening mechanism, this has made it very easy to replace the straps.

The original Apple Watch has listed six types of bands recently which are: Sports Bands, Sports Loop, Leather, Hermes, Link Bracelet and Milanese Loop.

However, the booming third-party vendors have few more options of strap loop bands. 

The Materials used in making watch bands –

  • The watch bands made from metals usually use stainless steel, Titanium 925 silver or 18-carat gold which gives it a classic shiny look.
  • The watch loop strap crafted out of leather uses both calf and exotic skin, making it look versatile.
  • The loop bands of cloth are mostly made from denim, canvas and woven nylon as they are durable and strong. 
  • Few of the Apple watch loop band are also made from materials like ceramic, wood and precious stones which give them an exclusive and unique textured look.

Let’s now, binge into few of the Apple Watch loop bands available for you:

  • Apple Sport Band

This is the original which makes it expensive, but the best one available. This sport loop Apple watch band comes in many colors and is made up of the nicest materials which will be comfortable and safe on your skin. 

This watch band will fit you perfectly as it comes in sizes either S/M and M/L strap in the watch case if you like to keep it bold then you should choose the Apple Watch Red Sport Loop out of its 15-color palette. 

  • Apple Sport Loop 

This is yet another typical originality of Apple straps that also means it’s going to be heavy on your pocket. 

However, they are in-house Apple nylon loops which are stylish, comfortable and hard-wearing at the same time. This Apple Watch Sport Loop strap is made up of double-layered nylon fabric with creative designing mainly for the sporty person, it comes in all the vibrant designs for those who want the subtle look, or they can always choose for black and grey color.

  • Apple Milanese Loop 

This is the most desirable Apple watch band, and it comes with a warranty. 

The Milanese loop gives the watch an exclusive look and is very comfortable and breathable. This stainless-steel band will look elegant with its simple design, and you can choose the two traditional options one is Black and other Silver.

  • Herme’s Fauve Barenia Leather Single Tour Band

It is pretty expensive because of its exclusive make which is exotic leather which comes in perfect stitch and fits on your wrist comfortably. You can choose this one as it looks magnificent on wearing giving you a vintage look.

Go and get yourself a smart Apple watch loop band.