What if you got teleported in a restaurant business game?

6 teleportations caught on camera! Is teleportation real or a scientific illusion? What if teleportation was possible? If so, can you be teleported in games? Let’s talk about what if you got teleported in a restaurant tycoon game. Why restaurant games specifically? Because why skip a free meal or maybe fiddle around pizza making.

Here’s what would happen if you got teleported in a restaurant game.

  1. Depending on the type of graphics the game uses, you can be dwelling in a smooth CG animation game and be the barbie or ken and call yourself a restaurant tycoon. Or you can find yourself between pixels characters. You just got lucky, as it was very pointy in the land of lego restaurants.
  2. Now that you are here, let’s get to business. Monday motivation is all set. First customer Jack comes in and asks for a coke. Congratulations you just made your first dime. Half-day through and you are making bills, pretty engaging right? Isn’t it similar to a real-life restaurant business? Your restaurant becomes your occupation. The only difference is you will have pixelated hands to build restaurant.
  3. Okay, Jack drinks too much coke in the morning. Well, you have to serve him anyway. It’s a lot humorous when customers come every day with the same outfit, sometimes the same order, and even the same local dialect. Doesn’t it give you the benefit of pre-making the food? Works rare but a useful tip.
  1. Damages are done, machines are to be oiled and maybe your ice cream now needs a nutty flavor. This is how it’s done, you pay to keep running. Management is a handy tool for your restaurant builder approach. So maybe at times, it would become hard for you to part with your pixelated money but it’s worth spending.
  2. You get to choose your official name in your new world. Too overwhelmed to have chosen Wasabi as your name? Well, that’s okay! Imagine you topped the scoreboard and it goes “wasabi hits the board high” in the literal sense. A bit of a spicy dilemma for the board but it’s alright you raised the bar high!
  3. You learned a lot in just one day. Turns out it wasn’t just a game to play around. That onion-filled pizza that you made as a joke, it’s now on its way on the conveyor belt and it’s making you anxious. Or the right-crisped waffle you send out got you a lot excited to get praised for. Compliments to Chef!

That bad business day and that supremely amazing business day, paired up your restaurant to be the most visited one today! But you are there sitting a bit dejected. Maybe you wish to go home. In both worlds, tears are too hurtful. Well, lego tears seem to be more hurtful. You are safe, you can teleport back home and back to your restaurant builder business.