What Is an External Bypass Switch?



When working in a location that requires knowledge of critical power supplies, you will more likely than not come across mentions of external bypass switches or something similar. For those who are not as familiar with critical power supply, the name might bring confusion. Is it necessary in order to operate an uninterruptible power system? Is the external bypass switch something to utilize before power is lost or only after? Is it a manual process or an automatic system? With limited information available to the ordinary layperson, it can be difficult to answer even common questions about this particular aspect of critical power supply.

First and foremost, it’s helpful to know that these pieces of hardware are non-essential. That being said, they are definitely a beneficial addition to your critical power game plan. In essence, external bypass switches protect against failure of uninterruptible power systems. When a unit within the uninterruptible power system fails or needs to be replaced, external bypass switches provide the opportunity to switch the load normally allocated for that particular unit to another location, thus ensuring continual power for your business while avoiding damage or danger in your uninterruptible power system. These tools can either be manual or automatic, so it entirely depends on what you choose as best for your business.

Obviously, every modern business today uses some sort of power and will lose profits when the lights go out. From grocery stores to hospitals, the need for power varies and changes based on the services that are provided. Those who stand to lose the most from a power outage, and as a result are most likely to benefit from an uninterruptible power system and external bypass switch, include healthcare facilities, financial institutions like banks, and any business where data collection is key. When these businesses lose power, lives, finances, and information are lost without the help of critical power supply. It is when faced with such severe consequences that businesses often decide it’s better to be safe than sorry. So they install an external bypass switch.

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