What is Angular, and Why is It Being Used?

Many platforms will help software engineers create apps of any type and size. But it’s quite tricky to choose the option that reaches your unique needs. Worry no more! Angular stands out from its competitors. What is it? What makes it different from others?  What is the text editor to use? In this article, you will know everything about the framework. Let’s start!

A Brief Overview on Angular 

Angular is an open-source framework tailored for developing modern and dynamic web apps. Launched back in 2009, the front-end system has been a go-to solution for developers out there. Whether you need to eliminate unnecessary code or achieve faster applications, Angular is the most sought-after solution for beginners and pros. 

From AngularJS, it has evolved to Angular 5. With its potentials and capabilities, the front-end framework has received over 44.3% of software engineers and developers for creating quality and innovative user interfaces. 

Angular is designed to build dynamic and interactive single-page applications with its two-way binding, templating, modularization, dependency injection, RESTful API handling, and AJAX handling. 

Software developers can utilize HTML template language or extend HTML syntax to convey important components of their application. Plus, there’s no need to take advantage of third-party libraries with Angular. 

Why Is It Being Used? 

Supported By Google 

One of the advantages of Angular is that it is Google-supported. People enjoy the Long-Term Support from Google. Also, the company never stop scaling up the Angular system. 

Due to its stability, Google apps have been using the framework. That’s not all! The developers have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and other certified professionals. 


Angular rich text editor applications are tailored with TypeScript language. What is it? How does it work? Commonly known as a superscript for JavaScript, TypeScript takes security to a higher level. It supports interfaces, primitives, and more. Whether you’re writing codes or conducting maintenance tasks, TypeScript catches and even eliminates potential errors. 

Unlike Dart or CoffeeScript, the language is not stand-alone. For that reason, you can take the ES2015+ JS code with ease and comfort. Based on what you configure, it will get its compiling tasks done on time. It also supports ES2015 and ES2016. 

Easy and Reliable Testing 

Before, software testing was complicated. But it has never been easier with Angular because it has application parts that are simple to manipulate. The front-end framework comes with module separation that allows you to load the necessary services without a hard time. There’s also no need to remember module loading. 

Code Consistency 

Inconsistent coding results in elevated expenses, delayed launches, and low-quality results. Consistent coding, on the other hand, is a different case. User-friendly and easy to navigate, code consistency allows developers to use pre-defined snippets and responsive templates. 

Modular Structure 

Whether it is directives, pipes, or components, Angular organizes code into buckets or modules. These make the organization of application functionality convenient and risk-free. Buckets also result in lazy loading. 

Dividing the labor across team members is tricky. But Angular can lessen the hassles. While it helps divide the job, it also provides organized code. But it is easier said than done. As a developer, you need to understand the module structure to improve productivity. 

Declarative UI 

To define the UI of the front-end framework, Angular takes advantage of HTML. Unlike JavaScript, HTML is an intuitive, declarative, and less convoluted language. There’s also no need to focus on program flows. After defining your goals, the system takes charge for your convenience. 

High-End Cross-Platform 

Angular is a flexible platform. It is a perfect option for developing web, desktop, and native mobile applications. Whether you need to establish a web or desktop app, Angular is something you cannot afford to miss. 

Since its launch, Angular has been a part of popular websites. These include PayPal, The Guardian, iStock Photo, JetBlue, Upwork, Netflix, Lego, Weather, YouTube for PS3, and more. 

It is Well-Maintained 

Another thing that people love about Angular is that it is actively maintained. Thanks to the large community. It is also easy to find a number of materials and other third-party tools. 

If you’re tired or unsatisfied with your current open-source framework, Angular is an excellent alternative you shouldn’t miss. 

MVC Architecture 

Angular is popular for Model-View-Controller architecture. While it attaches value to the front-end framework, it also sets the foundation for scopes, data binding, and other features. 

It will also be easy to isolate the app logic from the UI layer. The MVC architecture receives different requests for the application. It then operates with the model to prepare the necessary data. 

What’s Text Editor to Use? 

Similar to frameworks for creating web pages, rich text editors come in a wide variety of options. TinyMCE got you covered. As an editing platform, it has helped launch Evernote, Atlassian, Medium, and more. Established to making the dreams of software engineers happen, this rich text editor is trusted for building stunning and responsive web content solutions. 

Among the options in today’s market, TinyMCE is the simplest rich text editor to incorporate into your products. Say bye to platforms that are hard to utilize. You deserve TinyMCE. 

Available via self-hosted, cloud, and hybrid deployments, software engineers can also enjoy the platform’s integration with reputed frameworks like Angular. 

TinyMCE is available in different languages, including Chinese, English, Arabic, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Greek, German, French, Croatian, Hebrew, Thai, Swedish, Serbian, Portuguese, Romanian, and more. 

TinyMCE is packed with state-of-the-art features such as link check, image upload, accessibility check, spell check, and improved copy-paste. If your current text editor has a low-quality image upload feature, TinyMCE will give you a fun and different experience. 

When you have been searching for a stable and powerful WYSIWG HTML editor without a good result, TinyMCE is a worthwhile investment to have for your future projects. Aside from different languages, it comes with over 40 editing tools that are available at the most competitive rate. 

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of TinyMCE and pair it with Angular today!