What is Dab Rig and how does one use it?

A dab rig is the devised bongs that are designed to consume concentrates or Dabs after filtration. The dab rig provides good flavor. The Vapor consistency is also correct for the smokers who use dab rig. These types of bongs are designed in such a way that smoke dense concentrates through the water vapor. This device is made of glass and the nail in it is made of titanium and or quartz. This Dab rig is nothing but a simple device with some additional part that sticks out of the bong and the user may use it in a simple way and have fun.

Difference between Dab Rig and Bong

In reality, there is no particular difference between a dab rig and a bong. The user must know how to use both devices. The most important point is what is the user smoking through it? The bong is particularly used to smoke flowers, dry herbs, or tobacco and dab rig is mainly used with legal concentrates like wax, honey, or oil. In the dab rig for the vaporizer concentrated oil or wax, the user has to attach a dab nail to the joint on the water pipe. This dab nail is heated with the dab torch and then the concentrate is placed in the hot nail to vaporize them. Hence adding a bowl to the water pipe make it a bong and on the contrary, adding a dab, nail turns it into a dab rig.

Is Dab Rig Smooth for the user?

A very small amount of wax on the nail creates smoke for the user to inhale and this gives a very smooth high. If the right rig is combined with the right accessories, then the user experiences a strong and soothing high. The user must be sure that they find the right kit with all the accessories in it. The main parts are the dabber, dab rig, swab, dab nail, hand torch, a bowl of water, Oil concentrate, and even the tongs. For the first-timer, it is advisable to use along with an experienced person so that the device is rightly set. Even if the dabber has a small amount of concentrate that will also be plenty and will give the smoker a powerful and strong taste with a smooth high.

How efficient is Dab Rig?

Nowadays everyone avoids wasting things becomes nothing comes for free. All smoking ingredients costs quite a lot of money so the smoker is going for dab rig than usual tobacco or herbs. There is a carb cap in some dab rig that will enable the user to use the concentrate even at low temperatures by not using the concentration of smoke. The smoker will surely receive the same after-effect. The carb cap is such a tool that helps to vaporize the concentrate at a particular temperature. 

Why dab rig?

One must wonder why a smoker must opt for a dab rig and not any other mechanism for smoking. Some strong reasons which we have already discussed are the strong flavor and smooth strong high and others are very less waste of concentration in the whole process.