What Is Kigurmi And What Are Its Benefits

Do you remember when you were little, snuggling into pajamas that embraced you in warm, cuddly softness from head to toe? People loved how cute you were when you looked like a monkey or a bear, and you loved combining play pretend with snuggle time. Unfortunately, you probably outgrew those pajamas and after a certain age they were no longer available in your size at the local clothing store.

While everyone has outgrown their cute pajamas, it’s impossible to outgrow the love for being warm (and feeling cute) on a cold winter night. The great news is that onesies aren’t just for kids anymore! Kigurumi, or cute hooded pajamas shaped like our favorite animals or characters, are still around for people of all shapes and sizes to enjoy. Companies like Kigurumi.com specialize in providing people with the kigurumi of their dreams. The small company is based in Canada and has a wide selection of cute, warm, and comfortable kigurumi, and is dedicated to bringing the coziest, most adorable kigurumi to everyone who’s been looking for them!

Kigurumis originated in Japan, and literally translate to, “Wearing Stuffed Toy.” This is exactly what it feels like when you put one on. Kigurumi.com sources their products from SAZAC, which is the Levi’s of the kigu world. SAZAC is known for its high quality and level of detail, making it the ideal compromise between beauty, quality, and price.

If you’re interested in getting your own cute and cuddly stuffed animal to wear (and who isn’t?) Here are a few tips for choosing the right one for you:

Even if you don’t plan on wearing your kigurumi out in public, chances are once you get one, you will want to live in it every second possible. That’s a lot of bending, twisting, and washing. A high quality kigurumi will last you longer than a cheap, flimsy one that rips right away.

  • Know your style

Not everyone can rock a pink unicorn and feel comfortable in it. Choose the kigu that makes you most comfortable. Even if no one else is seeing it, the kigu you will like the most is the one that best suits your personality. Whether that means wearing Pikachu or a narwhal, finding the right one has to come from you.

  • Know your size

Fortunately, Kigurumi are super easy to size! Because they’re so loose fitting, their very nature makes them easy to put on and wear. Almost everyone can wear the kigurumi size, but if you’re very tall then you’ll need to look at the x-tall version.

Kigurumis are the perfect way to stay warm when it’s cold out, and to save a little on the electric bill. A comfortable animal pajama will not only give you the opportunity to stay warm and cozy, it will also allow you to be at the most comfortable and care-free version of yourself!

No matter what kind of personality you have, there’s a kigurumi out there for you.