What is the concept of a masquerade ball?

Suppose if you attend an ordinary formal party what you do first? Decide what to wear right? For that you must know what that party is about, what is the theme of the party. The same goes with a masquerade ball. This is an event or a festival in Italy nighttime but many people are confused about this festival. A masquerade ball is a semi-formal costume party in which people wear different types of masks such as Masquerade eye masks. Then they dance and sing for whole night to entertain each other and to take break from their tough schedules. Every individual wants such events that allow them to take break from their daily life routine and have a good party with the splash of music dance and many other things to eat. In masquerade ball the only changed thing is that people used to wear costume masks in order to hide their faces, to enjoy the party freely with no judgmental comments. This Venetian mask allows eliminating discrimination and the differences between upper class and the lower class population. If you have visited to masquerade ball the first thing you have definitely noticed did De hide their identity behind a masquerade mask.

Most common Procedure of masquerade ball:

Many of you might be curious to know exactly happening at party. The invited population with so much excitement and Masquerade eye masks arrives at the venue and then welcome to party by party host. They have been fascinated with different varieties of food and brewages. After they get done with eating session. The loud roar of music allows over the event people dance sing and enjoy whole night. They play different masks as well to the excitement constant.

Relation of event ball with real life:

Then the question arises why it is important to dance at masquerade ball? This masquerade ball gives an example of life; the event of ball is a world is and dance represents life. You dance whole night represents the time you are living when music stops and everyone stops dancing represent the moment of death. There are differs stages of ball which represent different stages of life and the last happeningroom of ball is the death of life. The important part is hided faces In real life as well people hide their inner identity and fear to eliminate continue their journey of death.