What is the easiest way to set up and start a blog in the UK?

I live in London, and the first thing I’ve found when it comes to blogging is that many of the online guides you find on search engines on how to get started with your own blog are from US writers and bloggers. There are, of course, tons of instructive articles and plenty of information, and all of it seems super-interesting and super-helpful. However, if you’re based in London, or anywhere in the UK for that matter, you might want the confidence of reading an existing local blogger who’s gone through the ins and outs of setting up a blog and getting it off the ground.

Would you like to start a blog in the UK and make a living by blogging? Running your own blog is not just a stimulating hobby, it is also a fantastic way to prove your skills, knowledge, and creativity to employers – particularly if you are actively looking for a job in the digital, design or media industries. 

But let’s cut to the chase: should you pick WordPress, Tumblr, Medium or Blogger? There are so many options to run your blog. Let’s dive into the different stages of starting a blog in the United Kingdom and identify the ideal blogging platform for your needs.

Before you get started with your blog…

Blogging is actually one of the most popular words in the tech industry in the last few years. But what exactly means blogging?

The very first thing that happens when the newcomers hear about blogging, is that it raises the question of whether they need to know about coding or some technical knowledge to get started with a blog. The answer is simply no, since starting a blog is extremely simple, you can create your blog within minutes with the modern online tools and a self-hosting WordPress free hosting.

Many of us have started a blog utilising a self-hosted platform in the past and nowadays it is even easier. Thousands of people are starting their first blog on WordPress every day.

Starting your own blog is the very first step to taking the plunge and going online in order to create a blogging career, and perhaps in the future you may even become one of the top bloggers in London or even in the United Kingdom!

If you perform a quick search on a search engine for “top bloggers” or “UK bloggers” you will find the top hundred list post with the United Kingdom’s main bloggers. Read through their sites so that you can get an idea about their style and you can get some guidelines for your own blog.

Deciding about the topics you want to blog about…

First of all, you need to make a decision on the topic that your blog will be about. It should ideally be something you like and are knowledgeable about, and there should be plenty of room for debate and discussion. Using your life experiences as well as hobbies as inspiration is the perfect place to start, no matter if you decide to write about cooking, marriage, student life, marriage, travelling, fashion, technology or sports. All of these are popular grounds for blogging content.

A reliable hosting provider is key…

In case you are an international person, and please excuse the term, then you are most probably aware of the unique perks and challenges that come when selecting the right WordPress hosting for your particular situation. What I mean is, are the usual suspects of the WordPress hosting sector still a valid choice if your audience is outside the United States? Let’s be more specific: what happens if you are trying to find the best WordPress hosting in the United Kingdom?

What should you be looking for when trying to find the best WordPress hosting in the UK? There are a few things you have to keep into account when picking a blog hosting for a site serving Londoners or UK readers in general:

The host matters: The fact that your audience is in England or the UK actually means that you need to find a quality server that is also in the United Kingdom. It is as simple as that.

Specific pricing for the UK: Let’s assume you are actually creating your website for a business purpose. Thus, there are 2 scenarios:

  1. A) Your business is based outside of the United Kingdom. Then you can ignore this point. 
  2. B) Your business is based in the United Kingdom. In this case, it is always better to be billed according to local rules, regulations and laws.

It is going to be much easier for you, when it comes to your taxes, if your hosting service provider can issue a local invoice, with a local currency, in GBP.

Reviews from the UK: Here is the issue of location once again. This is about user ratings and reviews. There issue here is that while a host can have good reviews in general, if you start looking into the reviews coming only from UK-based customers, you may find out a completely different story. Try to look for local user reviews.


Select a simple, understandable domain name

Choose a domain name that matches the topic of your blog. Do not expect to own a domain name with no extension if you are using a free platform. Try to think of a name that sounds unique while relevant to your audience. Think about SEO too and include your potential keywords whenever practically possible.