What is Wholesale Real Estate



In the Fort Worth real estate industry, wholesaling refers to buying a home under contract at a lower rate than the market value. A wholesaler seeks out desperate sellers, buys the house under contract and sells the contract to buyers at a slightly higher price than what is under contract. The wholesaler is then “paid” the difference between the original contract and the buyer’s purchasing cost. The seller receives their funds in cash and can get rid of a home they no longer have use for. The wholesaler also receives their cut in cash, and the buyers obtain an investment property.

Wholesalers do not need a real estate license or be an agent to start wholesaling distressed properties. Instead, they need motivated sellers, an assignment contract, buyers looking for an investment property, and a quality real estate brokerage to ensure you can close. It is rare to stumble upon a seller without some start-up cash on the wholesaler’s part, but it is possible.

Why would anyone sell their Fort Worth home at a lower price? The reality is some families benefit from selling a property to buyers for cold hard, quick cash. Some families can avoid foreclosure and bad credit by wholesaling a property for cash, giving the seller a way out of an unfortunate situation and a few thousand dollars to move into a new house. In addition, some sellers may struggle financially, inherit a distressed home, are in the process of divorce or entering retirement, and need a simple way to sell the house quickly without repair costs or showings. Buyers are much more reliable during these transactions, so the fear of a purchaser’s loan falling through is not a concern in this industry.

On the other hand, buyers benefit from a wholesale transaction because they can obtain a home or property at an off-market rate and avoid the time-consuming and competitive bidding process that comes with selling a home. Likewise, buyers and Fort Worth sellers benefit from wholesale real estate by avoiding closing costs, hidden fees, or commission rates. This hassle-free process makes the transaction easy for the buyers, the sellers, who receive cash for the property, and wholesalers.

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