What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

If you are working on getting your home a new set of windows, there is no better time than now to learn about green windows. During your search, you have probably heard of the term energy saving windows, but have you looked into it? An energy saving window is more than you think, it can be very useful and environmentally friendly. If you are looking for a new window in your home, consider getting yourself one of these.

What makes this window energy efficient? There are a couple of answers to that. It is not just the window that makes it energy efficient, there are multiple pieces to this puzzle.

For starters, the frame and sash materials that the frame is made out of are part of it. For years, ever since the window frame was first invented, the frames and the sash have been made from a wooden material. This was convenient, cheap, and easy to put together and have it look nice. However, wood is not great for keeping the temperature insulated. You are using more power and energy from your home when you have wooden frames for your window. But taking out the wooden frame and sash and replacing it with a vinyl one will result in you using less power and energy.

The glass pane. A single glass pane is not going to keep your home insulated, you can tell by how much condensation is built up when the temperature changes. But by switching the regular glass pane with a Low-E glass pane, you will find that it doesn’t build up nearly as much condensation as the regular glass panes that you are used to. The Low-E glass panes will also block out a lot of UV rays, and it will keep your home insulated nicely when paired with the vinyl frames.

If you have multiple glass panes in your window, it is doing a better job at keeping your home insulated, but it still is not doing everything that it can do. If you are used to having multiple panes of glass in your window at your home, you can change out the regular panes with Low-E panes and stack them on top of each other. With each layer of Low-E pane, you will get more UV protection, and more insulation.

New spacers for your window. Spacers are not the most important part of a window, they are often overlooked, all they do is hold the window in it’s place. But if you have a faulty spacer, you are going to lose a lot of insulation from your home. You can start your energy efficient window journey by buying some new spacers. They might not seem like they do a lot, but they are one of the most important parts of this project.

Having an energy efficient window will do more than save your power bill, but it can save the planet. If you use gas, or any other kind of power other than solar to power your home, you are pulling it directly from the earth’s supply of power. The less you use, the less that gets pulled. So, this is really a win-win situation when you switch over to an energy efficient window.

If you are looking to replace your current window and you aren’t sure where to start with that process, check out an energy efficient window. They might cost a little bit more at first when you put all of the pieces together, but it will save you money in the end.