What Professional Movers Want Their Client to Know

Dealing with customers is never an easy part of a job.

No matter which occupation you are in, socialising with fellow human beings is always involved. From restaurants to hospitals, you have to deal with them to satisfy their needs and demands. Sometimes, you even wish they knew a few things about their concern, so your interaction and transaction with them would go smoothly. 

The same goes for professional movers in Singapore. They want to let their clients know what to do. Doing so should help them fulfil their contractual obligations without a problem.  As a result, they would not have to worry, and they could move forward and settle the request of their next client. 

That is why if you are planning to employ one, you should know that moving into a new place is never a simple task. Whether they are house or office movers, the experts you will hire in Singapore might understand what they need to do. But take note that without your cooperation and coordination, things could get messy. 

Therefore, do yourself and them a favour by reading through this article. Doing so should help you know what you need to do and make the moving process a lot easier.

Know the Moving Company’s Policy. 

Is it okay to help the professional movers that I hired?

You probably thought about this question once, but the answer is yes, but no. 

The reason behind this confusing answer is because it depends on the policy of the moving company. Therefore, before you lend your hands, you should read this document first. Note that this piece of paper could protect you and your property from unnecessary damage and worse injury. 

Nevertheless, in this document, you would know if you are paying the professional movers by hours or by the weight and distance of your move. As a result, you would be able to weigh if helping them does matter or not. 

Be There, Though Stay Out of the Way.


Whether you will be helping the professional movers or not, you should be there since the boxes they are carrying belongings to you. Besides, if you are there, you could easily see if they are doing their job right, which is good for you. 

Just make sure when you are watching them, you are not out of their way. Otherwise, they would have a hard time with yourfurniture, moving it out from the loading truck in Singapore to your new place.

In other words, give way when you notice them going in the direction wherever you are standing. That simple gesture will surely help them with the moving process, makes it easier for you to watch over what they are doing. 

Plan Things In Advance.


Many people say it is the little things that make all the difference. Well, they are not wrong since paying attention to details can make everything run smoothly. 

Keep in mind that one mishap can ruin your move. That is why planning things ahead matters so you would not overlook things and prepare everything in advance. So far, here are the things you need to consider planning.

  • Know the loading and unloading area where the professional movers in Singapore will be parking.
  • If you live in a condo, reserve an elevator for the time and date of your move. Doing so should help you not be a hassle for your old neighbours.
  • Place anti-slip mats so the professional movers would not fall off the floor. 
  • Prepare a first aid kit. It will help so you can treat anyone who got scratched or injured during the moving process.

Speak Your Mind.



Just like you, the professional movers cannot read your mind, and no one does. 

That is why instead of guessing what you want to happen, speak up your mind! Let them know what you want so it would be easier for them to complete the moving process.

For example, if the parking space you found has rules that the professional movers need to follow, let them know. Do not hesitate since if they violate the regulation there, you are the one who will get affected the most. 

Therefore, speak up and let the professional movers know what they need to know. Well, in case you hate talking in person, you can give them a note. That piece of paper will let them know things you want to say. 

Keep Your Kids and Pets Out of the Way. 


If you have seen the movie Cheaper By The Dozen, then you probably have an idea what a moving day feels like when you have kids and pets around, right? Unfortunately, the moving process is a lot hectic than that in real life. 

Sure, your children and fur friends look cute together, but them being there on the day you move into a new place can be a problem. 

The experts you hired will have a hard time if your kids and pets are running around. As a result, carrying pieces of furniture and moving them to your new place in Singapore would be a challenge since they might lose their grip if your kids accidentally knock their knees. 

To prevent that, ask your relatives to take good care of your kids and pets for a while. With them out of sight, the professional movers would not have to worry about stepping on something. 

Be Fully Packed Before They Arrive.



Have you ever volunteered to pick up your friends from their house for your vacation trip? Then you should know how annoying it was to wait until they get ready. The same is true for your furniture movers in Singapore

When they arrive at your place, the experts guess to see well taped and wrapped boxes with labels on them. By then, the only thing they need to do is help you carry everything to the loading truck and drive your belongings off to your new place. 

That is why they will get disappointed when they find you still packing your belongings on the day of your move. Besides, if you let them take care of that on your behalf, there are additional charges you need to make. Hence, if you are not up to that, then better pack everything ahead of time. Doing so should solve the problem, and the hours of your moving process will get reduced. 

Carry Valuables with You.

Many people know that life is unpredictable. If you are not careful or prepared enough, you would be helpless if things go the wrong way as you planned. 

Therefore, before the moving date comes, you should pack all of your valuables with you. Doing so should help you keep them safe, and in case something happens, you can quickly get the things you need since they are there with you in the first place.

So far, here are the things you need to carry around on the day you move with the help of professional movers in Singapore. 

  • Gather all the documents of your family members like birth certificates of your kids, your marriage certificate, the deed of your new place, and many more. 
  • Prescription medication that you or your spouse need to take. 
  • Keep the pieces of jewellery or keepsakes that you inherited from your parents or grandparents.
  • Cash and credit cards or anything related to money.
  • Keys to your new place. 

Make sure when you gather all of these things, keep them in one place, like a backpack or sling bag that you can always carry around. 

Label the Boxes with Designated Destination. 


No matter how good your memory is, you cannot find a needle in a haystack. That means you would have a hard time looking for the things you need in the piled of boxes that you packed. And that costs you wasting your time unpacking all of them and checking which box belongs to what room.

Of course, you would not want that. Nor do the professional movers, since they would waste their time waiting until they deliver your belongings off to their intended rooms. That is why to prevent that from happening, make sure you do the following. 

  • Write the labels in PRINT with the use of red markers. For example, BOOK – LIVING ROOM.
  • After that, list a handling instruction. More so if it contains fragile items like glass. 
  • When writing labels, you should do it on two sides of the boxes, so movers quickly know what they need to do.

Furniture Pieces Are Not Boxes.

It might sound like a good idea to tape up the drawers to save up boxes, but doing so could be a problem for the professional movers. That is because the weight of empty furniture is a lot lighter than those who have things kept inside.

For example, when the furniture movers in Singapore lift your clothing cabinet, they might think it would be easy for two people to carry it. Little did they know that the furniture they are about to bear is a lot heavier than they could imagine. As a result, they would have a hard time carrying it since it requires more people to hold and move the entire thing. 

To prevent that, you should remove all the things kept inside so it would be easier for the movers to load off your furniture piece in the loading truck and transport them to your new place. 

Guarantee Easy Access. 


Obviously, without easy access, no one, not even you, can carry things out of your old place. Even more, if you live in a condo or apartment of a complex or high rise building. 

That is why before you move and call professional movers, you should come up with a plan on how to guarantee them easy access. 

For example, as mentioned above, if you are staying at a high rise building, you can inform the admin to use the elevator personally on the date of your move. Doing so should help the movers carry your belongings a lot easier. 

Never Go on AWOL.


Just in case you are not familiar with this acronym, AWOL means absence without leave. This kind of attitude is something everyone despises. Therefore, you should not do it even if you change your mind and do not want to hire professional movers anymore.

What you should do if this happens is let the moving company know. Explain to them the reason why you want to cancel your request. Do worry! They would appreciate you informing this matter beforehand. As a result, they would not have to wonder what happens.

Also, you may never know; they might be able to work on your concern and improve your agreement. Perhaps, offering you an affordable price for furniture storage in Singapore? Well, it depends on your negotiation with them, but letting the company know about your plans would help them a lot. 

Get the Payment Ready.


After all the hard work they have done moving your furniture and other belongings into your new place, full payment is a perfect reward for them. 

That is why if you pull a prank like you lost your wallet, they would get frustrated and cross you off on their system. Hence, you should not do that and pay the professional movers right away, whether with cash or credit card. None of the payment methods matters as long as you pay them at full price.

Are You Ready to Move?

Naturally, if you follow everything listed above, you are ready to move into a new place. Of course, with the help of professional movers in Singapore. Otherwise, it would take days to weeks before you can settle on and enjoy your new place. 

Just make sure before you hire a house or office moving company, you should do your research thoroughly. Doing so should help you find the right one that you can trust! As a result, you would not have to worry about your belongings as they will be in good hands.

If you are still searching for professional movers in Singapore, then you better call CYC Movers! Not only do they have years of experience, but they also receive various awards because of their excellent services.