What Questions Should You Ask A Real Estate Agency Before Hiring Them?


Whether you are looking to rent, buy or sell a property, finding the right real estate agency to assist you is paramount. You want to have as painless an experience as possible, while experiencing the greatest success in your transaction. One of the most effective ways of avoiding any pitfalls is by taking your time and doing your due-diligence before rushing in. Which is why in this article, we’re going to share some questions that you should ask a real estate agency before committing and hiring them. 

It is always worth finding out how much experience a real estate agency has in dealing with people in your situation. For example, if you are a foreigner looking to buy property in Thailand, you’ll want to know that your prospective real estate agency has experience with successfully helping foreigners find the property of their dreams. 

  • Who will be my point of contact? 

Another great approach is to find out exactly who you will be dealing with. If you are going to be passed from pillar to post, there’s a good chance that information will be lost in translation. What you really want, is to have a dedicated real estate agent to focus on your case and take excellent care of you. 

  • Do you have any positive testimonials that I can look at? 

Any great real estate agency worth their salt will have a wealth of positive reviews and testimonials for you to look at. Having social proof from previous clients is a great way to gauge how capable a real estate agency is. 

  • Can you recommend service providers in the area? 

Reputable real estate agencies like DD Property should be able to connect you with all of the best service providers in the area. So, when exploring a property in a particular region, make sure that you will be well-looked after if in the event that you go ahead and settle. 

  • Do you have access to off-market or pre-construction projects? 

Another great talking point for prospective real estate agencies is whether they have access to any exclusive development projects. It’s all very well exploring the properties that they have listed on their website, but what if your dream home hasn’t been built yet? 

Shop around and go with your gut 

There’s no need to rush this process. The best advice that we can give is that you take your time, shop around, and connect with a few different prospective real estate agencies; then weigh up the pros and cons of each. Ultimately, you must trust your gut (provided they tick all of the right boxes of course).