What Should You Know Before Claiming Asylum In The UK?

An asylum seeker is a person who leaves their country of origin and applies for asylum in another country. A person seeking asylum to the UKwill have to wait for their application processing before being accepted or rejected and this wait can take many years in some cases. According to the latest available figures from 2018, around 0.36 million people living in the UK arrived with the intention of seeking asylum. 

If you are claiming Asylum UK, it is important to know about the true scenario so that you are well prepared along with legal support. 

A Tough Asylum System

Only 54% of the decisions made for the year ending March 2020 were granted asylum or similar kind of protection to asylum seekers in the country. The system is quite complex for an ordinary person to get through it. It can be too difficult for you to furnish the evidence required for getting protection. 

Points to Know

You should know the following things about the country’s asylum processing system:

  • The decision making process at the Home Office is quite slow and poor. Many refugees have had to seek protection from courts because they are unable to get it from the Government.
  • The system can seem even more difficult and complex to women’s claims. Most women find the asylum system to be too hostile and it can be difficult or impossible for them to provide full details of their violent experiences in their country of origin. Again, courts seem to be more effective in recognising their protection needs.
  • Even those who are recognised as refugees are allowed to stay in the UK only for 5 years. This can make it quite difficult for refugees to make any long-term decisions about work, future, or their life plans in the UK.

As an asylum seeker, your safety is one of the most important points on your mind. It is best to seek the assistance of an immigration law solicitor to bring certainty to your situation.