What to Check Before Buying Solvent Trap End Caps?

There are a variety of solvent trap end caps, uniquely designed and threaded to adapt to specific solvent trap kits offered by Armory Den. Generally speaking, each solvent trap has two end caps, a sealed end cap, and a threaded end cap or thread mount. The sealed end cap is the end cap on the side opposite the barrel and is the end cap that serves the most important purpose when it comes to ensuring trapped solvent and/or debris remains trapped and does not leak…hence the term “sealed”. The other type of end cap is most often referred to as a threaded end cap or a thread mount. This end cap is on the bore or barrel side of the solvent trap and is the end cap that is threaded onto the barrel of the firearm during cleaning. Sealed end caps play a crucial role in the firearm cleaning process and the quality of a solvent trap can easily be put to the test by analyzing the end cap; it is very important that the fit and thread tension creates an airtight seal so nothing can escape the end of the solvent trap when the end cap is properly installed.

The importance of top quality materials and engineering of sealed end caps can not be overstated. We have seen things from poor threading to low-quality alloy materials and overtime the end caps break down. Eventually, the threads become rough and do not seal completely, and then you have to purchase another end cap, assuming the poor quality end cap did not cause thread damage to the solvent trap tube thread. In order to complete the solvent trap kit assembly, you will pair the end cap with the solvent trap tube of matching thread pitch, inner and outer diameter and then you will fasten the sealed end cap to the solvent trap tube’s end by rotating it similar to how a bolt fastens to a screw. The purpose of the solvent trap sealed end cap is fairly apparent as they are responsible for ensuring no debris nor solvent will be escaping from the firearm. 

Solvent trap end caps come in different shapes, materials, and sizes, and it all depends on the kind of kit that you purchase for cleaning up your firearm. Armoryden.com is a top supplier of solvent trap kits, and our signature products include;

  • 7075 Billet Type III Anodized Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap
  • Stainless Steel Adaptive Solvent Trap
  • 7″ & 9” Tube Kits with Pressed Stainless Steel Cups
  • GR5 Titanium Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit (AST).

The Benefits of Solvent Trap End Caps:

Any owner ought to have a well-maintained firearm if they want to enjoy the ease of using it during practice at the range and also knowing that it will perform reliably if it needs to be used in a self-defense situation. 

Cleaning your rifle is the best way to attain the best performance for both your safety, convenience, and reliability of using your firearm. You open yourself to the risk of a malfunction, such as a jam in your rifle or pistol if you fail to recognize the importance of investing in a top-quality solvent trap kit. With a kit from Armory Den in your possession, you stand to enjoy privileges such as;

  • Regular cleaning routines.
  • Achieve safety from any potentially harmful chemical which might arise from the bore cleaning procedure.
  • Use of eco-friendly solvent cleaning products.

The Considerations Before Purchasing Your Solvent Trap End Caps:

Armory Den has a track record of best-in-class top quality products, customer privacy, and easy user manuals for every one of their solvent trap kits, but what does it take for you to know what the best solvent trap kit and the best material, diameter, and thread pitch of the sealed end caps? For a reliable solution, the following should be on your checklist.

  • Type of firearm is a significant consideration since the strength, type of bullet, and powder used will affect which kind of solvent trap kit you’ll use.
  • The compatibility of the solvent trap tube will also affect the kind of caps to be used. Ensuring the thread pitch matches, along with the inner and outer diameter of the end cap. The solvent trap end caps have to fit the tube and the solvent trap tube has to be the right fit for your rifle.
  • The material of the solvent trap kit is essential since the quality differs and there is also a matter of preference. The common materials used are aircraft aluminum, stainless steel, and grade-5 titanium. Many use solvent traps as Misfire Safety Systems, to reduce the risk of damage of a misfire, so choosing the right strength of the material to match the specific power of your firearm caliber is very important.
  • Threads the threaded end caps or thread mounts are as important when selecting what to purchase since they dictate which caliber firearm and type of firearm can be cleaned since the thread pattern or thread pitch must match the barrel the solvent trap is being attached too. The common threads offered by Armory Den are ½x28 inches and 5/8×24 inches, with select accessories and certain solvent traps that have additional thread options, such as .578×28″ and 9/16×24″.