What to do if the water boiler leaks

First of all, it is necessary to disconnect the water heater’s power supply from the electrical network and make every effort to collect water from the tank. It is important to shut off the cold water supply using a special valve. When the water heater leaking exit, it is better to warn the neighbors, since the water supply system’s level of working pressure can change dramatically.

If the water heater began to leak, this is always a problem for its owners and neighbors. If it is not eliminated in time, the consequences can be even direr, for example, flooding of one’s own or someone else’s apartment and electric shock.

The most common breakdown of storage water heaters is the leakage of water from them, which prevents the further use of these devices. The first thing to do to solve this problem is to disconnect the device to prevent a short circuit, shut off the water flow into it, and then find leakage.

Reasons for a water heater leak

There are many reasons for a leak, such as poor-quality water, lack of grounding, improper installation, and many more, which led to a violation of the integrity of the tank or its deformation.

In some cases, water heater leaking can also be caused by high pressure in the system or the device’s prolonged operation.

The boiler can also leak in situations where the magnesium anode was not installed in it or replaced in a timely manner. In this case, the water flow is observed from the top of the water heater. To solve this problem, the device must be returned for repair.

How to repair a boiler 

It is recommended to start diagnostics with visual monitoring: where exactly is the source of leakage observed and whether the integrity of the shape of the body has been violated, whether foci of corrosion and rust are visible. The water temperature flowing from the tank is also taken into account: warm (hot) indicates that the internal heating system is normal; cold – along with violations of the case, the heating element itself was out of order.

If the boiler tank leaks, it is imperative that the water heater is dismantled and checked to detect foci of rust and deformation. As a rule, the cause of such malfunctions is a change in pressure and incorrect operation of the device: they blocked the access of water when there was a great amount of hot water in the heater tank. Often breakdowns of individual water heaters occur in apartments during maintenance work to replace water supply sections or when water is drained from all floors. The main cause of the violation is a failed combined back-safety valve. If the boiler leaks immediately after installation, this indicates a violation of the structure’s sealing and requires the consultation of the master.

Conclusion:  So if you are looking for water heater leaking then best way is to contact with expert who will give you best idea to solve this issue.