What You Need To Know Regarding Osteoarthritis

Even if we live in the modern age, there are still a lot of conditions that have unknown origins and require further research on them in order for a cure to be found. While osteoarthritis certainly fits into that category, there is fortunately a treatment that can help the patients take control over this illness. If you think you might be suffering from this condition, it is advised to read this article.

What is osteoarthritis?

OA, or better known as osteoarthritis is a condition that affects the whole joint, with the inclusion of bone, ligaments, muscles, and cartilage. This condition can affect various joints, but it is most commonly displayed in hips, knees, fingers, and the big toe. Since it affects the whole joint, depending on how far it progressed, it may include things such as inflammation, damage, bony spur growth, or deterioration.

What osteoarthritis does to the joint

What are the symptoms?

When it comes to symptoms of OA, they vary from person to person, and they also matter depending on the joit that is affected, as some joints get OA much faster than others, with the difference being from months to years. Most common symptoms at affected areas are stiffness and pain, whose sensation is worse when some activity is happening that requires the joint to be used.

It can be quite easy to notice the symptoms when knees are affected, as people who tend to have OS in their knees usually experience the symptoms while doing normal everyday activities, such as walking or climbing the stairs. Consulting about symptoms with professionals like arthritisCARE is often a good idea, and if you are not in their area, consult your local specialist instead.

What is the cause?

Just like the symptoms, the cause of OA depends on the joint it is affecting. One thing that all joints have in common as a cause tends to be having extra weight that puts pressure on the joint during every day use, and of course the hereditary aspect of this condition as there is a much higher chance that you are going to have OA if someone in your family previously had it.

Pain in knees is often experienced in osteoarthritis

How is it treated?

Treating OA also depends on the affected joint, you probably see a pattern here. In most cases, it is more than enough if you simply lose some weight which adds pressure to the affected joint. In more severe cases, like when OA affects the knees, a surgery might be the only option. You can visit arthritisCARE – osteoarthritis specialist in Brisbane in order to consult about various treatments and other information.

Final word

In case you experience any kind of chronic pain, which is pain that tends to repeat itself, you should immediately contact your doctor and consult about the possible conditions that relate to the symptoms you are experiencing. You can never be too sure if the pain is going to advance into a condition such as osteoarthritis or something similar.