What You Need To Learn About Birth Control Methods

It’s said to be hard when selecting the best birth control method to prevent pregnancy. Birth control helps people choose when to have a baby. A variety of devices and treatments are available for women and men that may help prevent pregnancy. Some methods can be more reliable than others, and how effective a method works depends on how well it is used.  Dr. Anita Veerabhadrappa-Meiner in Boca Raton works with a team of women who understands the factors to consider when choosing a birth control method.

Birth Control Methods


A condom is the only birth control method that protects against STIs and pregnancy. It can be used a lot because it’s hormone-free and can be carried easily. A condom is available in both male and female varieties. Male condoms are placed on an erected penis to prevent fluids from passing during sex.

The female condom is inserted into the vagina before sex. Based on its use, it is not as effective as the male condom, and it may take some time to get used to it. A disadvantage of a condom is that it can come off or tear during sex if not used properly.

Intrauterine Device (IUD)

It is a small T-shaped device containing progesterone hormone or copper and plastic inserted in a woman’s uterus. It is a long-lasting and reversible contraception method, which can stay active for up to 10 years.

Some IUDs have hormones produced to prevent pregnancy.  They can also act as emergency contraception if inserted by a professional within the first five days of having unprotected sex.  IUDs are 99% effective, and those with hormones are 99.8% effective.

Contraception implant

It is a small flexible rod fitted under the skin in the upper arm, releasing progesterone hormone.  This hormone stops the ovary from releasing the eggs and thickens the cervical mucus making it hard for sperm to enter the womb. The implant needs local anesthesia when inserting and removing the rod; it needs to be replaced after three years.

Emergency contraception pill

Emergency contraception pills might be used to prevent pregnancy after sex. It is sometimes called the morning-after pill and can be effective for up to five days. The sooner it is taken, the more effective it is; if taken in the first 72 hours, it is 85 % effective.

This pill has a particular dose of female hormones. Emergency contraception pills can be taken by any woman, even those who can’t take the oral contraceptive pill.

Contraceptive injection

This injection contains progesterone hormone. It is given into a woman’s upper arm or buttock, and over the next three months, the hormone is released slowly into the bloodstream. The injection can cause abnormal periods or irregular bleeding..

Every birth control method has its advantage and some side effects; you should consult with your doctor before choosing a birth control method. Some birth control methods may limit you when you want to have a child. You need to choose properly if you are planning to have a child anytime in the future. Learn more about birth control at MyDoc Women Health Specialists.