What’s different among cream, ointment, gel, and lotion?

When staring for a skin moisturizer or medication, you will apt come across four categories of products – ointments, creams, gels, and lotions. Each fulfils various goals due to its materials, as well as the percentages of moisture and oil.

Selecting between an ointment, cream, gel or lotion, relies on what you’re striving to behave toward. An additional concern is your skin type, as some products are huger than others. While discovering a favourite may carry some examination and mistake, here’s the important data you require to understand.

What’s the difference between cream and ointment?

Creams and ointments both are either cosmetic or therapeutic. The major disparity between the two is the percentage between water and oil. While a cream has comparable portions of oil and water, ointments retain about 80% of oil.


Due to their water quantity, creams are effortlessly absorbed into the skin. This can make them favourable for broad medical regions. On the contrary, the oil volume is preferable if you have rashes, dry skin, or skin lesions because the product remains on the skin for safety against moisture loss.

As everyday moisturizers, creams are commonly sold in bottles. Medication creams, such as hydrocortisone for rashes and bug bites, may come in tubes for additional detailed application.


Of all skin products, ointments comprise an elevated oil quantity. Their goal is to have an occlusive consequence, which tells us they dwell on the exterior of the skin, rather than getting absorbed straight away. This gives more safety against moisture casualties and components like dry air. Common elements forms in ointments comprise petroleum and mineral oil.

Topical medications, such as antibiotics for illnesses, may be favorable in ointment form because they don’t get evaporate off the skin, assuring absolute product absorption. Very dry skin may also profit from moisturizers in ointment form due to the similar advantages.

What is a gel?

Gel creams are made from a mixture of alcohol, cellulose, and water. These oil-free products nicely correspond for incredibly oily skin species because you will still reap the hydration you need without any sediment that will evacuate extra oil on your skin. You might moreover get at gels to be desirable as face moisturizers during the heated and wet summer months.

If you’ve anywise had sunburn, you may have used Aloe Vera gel, which is vastly used as a constituent of eczema cream

This does not commonly comprise liquor, but some editions do contain aromas. Like other kinds of gel products, absorbs directly. The biological salicylic acid quantity in aloevera has a drying impact. The gel is also thin sufficient to pertain to facial and body hair.

It’s also possible to find gel-lotion combination products like skincare products for acne. Population with dry skin may not profit as greatly from gels because gels are consumed too shortly without building a moisture obstacle on the skin. Read product tags carefully if you have susceptible skin, and prevent any gel product with alcohol or aromas.

What is a lotion?

Creams and lotions are often heeded as the same products, but they have entirely distinct make-ups. The lotions have a greatly thinner thickness correlated to cream-based products. Some lotions are oil-free, which makes them suitable for mixture, oily, or acne-prone skin types.

However, if you are searching for some most effective creams for your medicinal purposes, reach out to us at Naturelova and give us a chance to add on to your skincare and beauty!