When Should You Consult A Shaman? Here’s What You Need To Know

Do you, or a family member, have an illness that doesn’t seem to go away? Want to heal from an emotional trauma that’s been holding you back and hindering you from living a fulfilled life? You may need to get help from a shaman.

What Do Shamans Do?

Shamans are people who practice the so-called shamanism. They’re believed to have contact with a world beyond the physical realm, and they use their skills and knowledge to help people in need. Their approach to healing is rather holistic — they hit physical, emotional, and spiritual healing points, which are all essential to having good health.

Contrary to the common notion, religious affiliation doesn’t affect your consulting with a shaman. Whichever god you believe in, shamans will help you connect with them more deeply and use that bond to help you improve your well-being.

Consulting a Shaman

The question now is: When do you consult with someone like them?

You’re suffering from pain. Even when you’re receiving traditional treatment for a disease that you have, it doesn’t mean that you can’t opt to seek help from shamans. In fact, these two methods are seen as supplemental to one another. You can rely on a physician to alleviate physical symptoms and a shaman to resolve the non-physical issues that trigger the pain that you have in the first place.

You’re experiencing psychic difficulties. Do you hear inner voices? Do you see unusual things? Or, perhaps, do you have recurring nightmares that have already affected your day-to-day living? In these situations where conventional doctors can’t provide a plausible explanation, you’d be better off if you consult with someone who has a connection to the spiritual world.

You have unresolved emotional issues. Generally, shamans are more on the preventive side. They provide services to help you address your traumas even before they manifest in physical symptoms. Do you have a family issue? Is something affecting your self-esteem? Have you been bullied before? Shamans can help you fix these before they become the reasons for you to develop a disease.

You know someone who experiences any of the aforementioned situations. You may also want to find and talk to shamans if you think a family member or a friend is in need of a shamanic intervention to help them get over their physical, emotional, or spiritual sufferings.

When you’re consulting with shamans, expect them to ask you questions on health, lifestyle, and your life situation in general to identify the root cause of your condition. Keep in mind that they focus on healing you as a person, offering you a unique plan to overcome your physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

To find a good shaman, looking for someone who exudes an air of meekness and resilience. If you ask about the life stories of great shamans, you will notice that a common denominator is experiencing some serious hurdles and being able to overcome them. Apart from that, they’re also clean, sober, calm, and dedicated to helping you achieve the healing you deserve — things you can ask and gauge upon your initial contact with them.