Where are the best places to find delivery work?

No matter if you are new to the trucking industry or you have been here for long, finding right freight needs a plan. Carriers have several tips, strategies to find freight but starting with it can be tough.

If you are looking for best places to find delivery work, then you have arrived at the right place. Check out some of the best ways to find load:

  1. Load boards: One of the simplest and most accessible methods is to use online load boards. If you are new you can go for free load boards. Rather than returning with an empty truck, you can use load boards to find freights which needs to be transported and earn an income. It is a great option for new truckers who don’t have regular clientele. Load boards are also recommended for truckers looking to keep their truck full. Shiply is an online free platform with largest load board. You can get access to ten thousands of loads and other services here.
  2. Dispatchers: Dispatching services can fill the space in your load search. You can easily look for a load, assign and handle drivers. If you pick this route then make sure you have clarified the dispatcher’s fee and invoice details before signing any contract.
  3. Straight from shipper: Another great option is to get direct freight. Carriers can enter into a direct agreement with the shipper without any intermediate services. It is noticeable that this method can help you earn better with more continuous work. So, spend time to grow your network and make a good repute in the market to get such jobs.
  4. Freight brokers: A recommended option for rookies is to get load via brokers. Brokers will do all the heavy tasks and find loads for you. Your broker will have the contract with the shipper and negotiate. It is a great way to set up relationship and have a steady source of work.
  5. Freight forwarders: Just like brokers, freight forwarders also function as intermediates between carriers and shippers. The major difference lies in the possession of shipment. Common freight forwarders are CEVA, DHL and more.
  6. Online brokers: A new way to find load is via digital brokers. Companies like Amazon and Uber offer freight matching services. It includes the work of load boards and brokers. It is a simple approach to look for freight but is app-driven which means everything can be handles from your smartphone. Right from looking for a load to receiving payment, everything is done online.

No matter you are starting new or you have been working for long, trying these methods will be beneficial for both. Shiply is a great way to earn an income without any hassle. Look at our database for loads and get started instantly. Finding loads for you has become simple now with everything easily accessible. Avail these methods to start your business and increase your earnings in the shortest time period.