Where to Mount the Baby Monitor?

Baby monitor is one of the tools that help us for keep our eye to the baby. As a parent, we have to do many activities. Sometimes we have to cook in the kitchen, sometimes we have to do the laundry, and others. Because of these activities, of course we can’t see our baby every second. In the other hand, we definitely want to make sure our baby is always safe.

If you choose to use a baby monitor, there are a number of things to consider. According to BabyMonitorsRev.com, one of them is about where we mount the baby monitor. We can’t place the baby monitors carelessly. 

Please make sure you have installed the baby monitor in the safest and most advantageous place. Make sure you set the baby monitor in a place that can reach your baby’s voice or movements.

To find the most suitable position for a baby monitor, there are two very important factors. The first factor is angle, while the second factor is distance. These two things are very important. Why are those important? Here is the explanation:


Why is Angle important? When you  set up a baby monitor, look for a place that can reach the entire nursery room. Do not place the baby monitor in an inappropriate place. Do not let unwanted things happened. For example you want to see your baby, but the baby monitor is too far left, of course you can’t see the baby completely.


Distance is another thing that must be considered. If you adjust the baby’s monitor too closely, your vision won’t be able to extend throughout the room. If you like place it too far, you also can’t see every details around your baby. Do a few checks to find the most suitable distance.

In addition to the two factors that has been mentioned above, there are additional things you might need to add as well. You have to focus on safety. If you take the baby monitor too close, it is possible for the baby to get the monitor. If you put the monitor on a wall carelessly, the monitor can fall at any time. If you put the monitor near the window, who knows the wind can move your monitor in the other direction. This makes the function of baby monitor is not optimal. 

These are some of the places to set up baby monitors properly and safely:

The wall

Although setting a baby monitor on a wall has many disadvantages, in fact this is done by many people. Make sure it has a special place. For example Make a place to mount the baby monitor on the wall, such as a place to for the air conditioner remote. By providing a special place, your baby monitor will be installed safely. Placing a baby monitor on a wall is also the choice of many people because it can reach the entire room. For better vision, look for baby monitors that have zoom in and zoom out option to maximize the use of baby monitors.

Tall furniture

Placing baby monitors on furniture is also the choice of many people. Place it on the tall furniture are more practical. It is because you don’t have to create special place on the wall. However, placing a baby monitor on furniture has its drawbacks. Sometimes, the furniture in the Nursery room has a height that does not match the height that we want. It could be too high or too low.