• Bungalow in Malta

The word Bungalow is derived from the Hindi word “bangal”, meaning Bengal. It depicted the settlements of early Europeans in the Indian Province. Whether people want one storey or a sloppy roof that they can turn into a two-storey and additional rooms, they get it all in Malta! Bungalows in Malta are quite aesthetic and similar to the real estates on the Islands. However, the one storey bungalow might also be a farmhouse, an old property modernized by times; or a villa, hacienda styled villa bungalow incorporating a swimming pool, quite famous with tourists.

  • Oyster Malta

Oyster Malta is an agency that deals with people in getting the right, luxurious, high-end properties in Malta and Gozo islands. It was founded in 2017 by the leading founder, Miguel Bonello. The Portomasa in St. Julian’s is Oyster’s head office and only branch. As being found so recently, the agency has limited employees; 2-10 are from LinkedIn. They believe in “reflect the exceptional” and deal with selective homes, developments, and properties. The agency’s listings include island properties as well as high-end market exclusive lifestyle homes, and houses of character. They have perfect knowledge about the most desired commercial locations for clients. For property sales, the Oyster Real Estate agency follows the standard 5% commission. The agency offers quick online booking for checking out sites and if you have an expensive, stylized taste, indulging with Oyster is the best option.

  • Grand’s Real Estate Malta

It’s the most ancient real estate agency and leading organization, founded in 1986. The company focuses on real estate markets and sales, purchasing, and letting of residential and commercial properties across Malta and Gozo. Their listings include penthouses, farmhouses, and houses of character, garages, shops, malls, bars, and beauty salons. They offer short term rental properties or weekly holiday rentals in both sectors. The budget levels from €500 to €10,000+ per month. If you want in-depth knowledge about local Maltese properties, enquire with Grand.

  • Townhouses and Terraced Houses in Malta

Townhouses are standalone, detached dwellings that take up lesser upfront space, as they’re built upright. It came to be known as the urban homes of wealthy families. They may be 200 years old are found in village areas of Malta. Their characteristics are having traditional wooden balconies and stairs, wide plank wooden floorings, patterned tiles, and wrought iron gates for entrances.

Terraced houses are roughly sixty years old, usually with interconnected walls and unified houses in a row. They always either have a well in the garden, pool, or a backyard. The inside of the house is a mixture of traditional and modern vibes, and have approximately four rooms. They’re usually founded in modern residential areas in Malta.

  • Maisonettes and House of Character in Malta

If you want to feel like a local in the city, the best option is to rent a maisonette, which offers private access to your house, unlike flats. If you’re a larger group, duplex maisonettes with shared or complete roof terraced, and pools are available for you to enjoy with your families. You might even want to prefer renting penthouses, which are chic top floored properties in skyscrapers. If you are a person of taste and love for traditional architecture, you might want to book a house of character.

If you got any furry friend (pets) with you during your stay in either of these houses in Malta, make sure about the pet policies, the furniture in the houses, and extra cost if any for carrying around a pet.

For more detailed information on real estate in Malta, visit the following site. https://www.realestates.mt/