Which quiz to take after house sorting?

So, you are ow done with taking the “which harry potter house are you in” and are thinking and wondering which quiz to take now? Well, we are not going to recommend a direct harry potter quiz to you now. We are going to recommend you the Fantastic Beasts quiz. And make sure you take this one. Otherwise, how are you going to pass your O.W.L. exam in your final year at Hogwarts? This quiz is going to be the key to getting straight As. Sorry, we mean, getting straight Outstanding in your O.W.L.s. Like, who does not want to? Anyways, without any further delay and making muggle mistakes, let u begin with this magical article.

Why should I take this quiz?

The reason why you need to take this quiz is that if you want to score straight outstanding like Hermione. Then you should definitely take this quiz to pass your O.W.L. Because who does not want to score like Hermione? Also, if you are a mother as in a normal human being without any knowledge about the Harry Potter world. Then we strongly recommend that you can take the muggle quizzes that we have on our website. These quizzes are strongly related to your plain boring world without any magic.

So, of course, you have the option to go for those quizzes. But if you wish to take this quiz to make sure that you have subsequent knowledge about the Harry Potter franchise. Now back to talking about this quiz. This quiz is going to help you in increasing your knowledge about these fantastic beasts and the other exquisite beasts of the Harry Potter world. And of course, having knowledge about the animal’s other magical creatures that live around an in the Hogwarts world is really important as a Harry Potter fan. We would not know what the Thestrals would be without the help of Luna. But JK Rowling eventually wrote a book about the fantastic beasts and of course to inform ourselves and understand more about these magical creatures.

Why should I know about the fantastic beasts?

Well, if you get caught in a very difficult situation for stuff, and they only help that you are supposed to receive from the magical creatures surrounded by you. How are you going to know whether or not these animals are safe for you to take help from or not? Also, without having the knowledge about these magical creatures is going to prevent you from understanding these creatures even more. And if you ever want to build your own army in the future. You can easily include these animals and create your army to defeat your opponent. But of course, you will be able to do all of that after taking our gold standard system quiz and eventually passing your O.W.L. examinations. Otherwise, without passing your O.W.L. examination, how are you going to easily pass out and graduate Hogwarts. And eventually, choose who you aspire to be as a witch or a wizard.