Which university is better for aerospace engineering – SRM, Anna, or Madras Institutes of Technology, or Hindustan University?

Interesting choice to opt Aerospace engineering, definitely, in future we need more engagement with outer space. There is a rapid boom in the Airline industry, more and more people are traveling.

Hence, there are jobs around in this field. But, Indian colleges don’t share a great reputation in the outside world, and there are not many opportunities available inside India for Aerospace engineering.

Also, the companies that have a vacancy are more willing to recruit from other core branches, such as Electronics and Mechanical. I

If we look through the options, I would eliminate the SRM university straight away, it is not that good for aerospace, like others in the league here.

MIT (Madras Institute of Technology) is a part of Anna university only and is a state-owned government college. It shares space at the podium with IITs and NITs. Hence, if you have a good score in the entrance exams, go for it.

Now, let us talk about the Hindustan University, it is ranked at the seventh place in India, along with IITs and NITs, for aerospace engineering.

The Lab experience which is essential for the complete learning, especially in Aerospace is well provided in the HIT, they have these huge labs filled with MIG aircraft, Boeing 737, avionics experiment, Solid rocked burner, etc.

Though almost all of it is there just a showpiece, they have Simulation Labs which are nice, apart from this the majority, of course, is dependent on the theoretical learning, which is a harsh truth for the complete Indian education system, Theories, memorizing stuff, and too less practical experience. That’s sad.

The Faculty at the Hindustan University for aerospace engineering is well experienced with a relevant industry background

Placements in aerospace engineering is a tricky thing, there are spaces in the Aircraft Industry in firms like HAL, Airbus, Boeing, etc. There are opportunities in government R & D organizations like DRDO, ISRO, CSIR, etc.

But, too few people go through them. Indian colleges make IT engineers, irrespective of the specialization. Even if you are in any core branch, it is a high chance you will end up in TCS and Infosys. God Bless them!

But, if you want to get into aerospace, consider going out of India for your Masters, nothing else would help much.

Stay Safe.

All the Best.