Who first invented fireworks?

In a recent online article titled “Who First Used Fireworks?” author Rebecca Brents lists some of the first “fireworks” in human history. Some of these include Roman candles, Chinese firecrackers and early American fireballs. She also lists many of the first methods for making or displaying fireworks in Western culture, as well as some ancient societies.

The author presents the reader with a comprehensive look at the history of fireworks through both ancient and modern times. This is a very interesting book and goes into great detail in discussing the many different types of fireworks available and their uses. Some examples are how the first invented fireworks appeared in Western society, how they were used during the Spanish Conquests and why they were banned later. Additionally, she looks at the social significance of fireworks during the Victorian era and the various historical events that occurred around the time.

The author provides an excellent starting place for any serious study of Western history and the explosion of fireworks use and popularity that followed. There are many fascinating facts included herein that would not be known to most people without the benefit of this detailed study. Many of the Daytona beach facts come from oral traditions told by local residents over the years.

The author provides a summary of the types of fireworks that were made or brought to the beach during the Colonial period up to the end of the Civil War. For example, firecrackers were made by stringing tin cans together to form the “crackling” noise. Devices made from paper were another popular way to light up the night skies in Florida during the early days. Then there was the black smoke machine that was commonly made use of at Daytona beach to put out the nightly ocean breeze.

Throughout the years since the introduction of fireworks on Daytona beach, new materials have been made with newer and better ways to make these devices even more fun and exciting. New types of fireworks were made with feathers, cork, bamboo and grass in new and creative ways to make them even more spectacular. Different materials in the making of fireworks have allowed for some creative uses such as gel candles, plastic toys and even bottle rockets (which actually works!). All of these things and more are covered in this comprehensive study of the history of fireworks on Daytona beach. To read more and to view specific firework selection, visit Sky King Fireworks.

The author provides a bibliography of the many great papers written on the subject of fireworks and the fireworks show on Daytona beach. This includes a look at the real fireworks show that using real powder to create a beautiful display over the water. There is also a complete timeline of the progression of the invention of fireworks to include the discovery of gun powder, the development of matches and how they were developed and finally their use on the shores of Florida. It is truly an impressive look into the history of this incredible event.