Why Bubble Soccer Is a Great Activity for Bucks Parties

Organising a bucks night in Melbourne? You might be looking for some fun, exciting, and memorable buck’s night ideas that will have your boys say wow!

Melbourne has plenty of things to offer when it comes to a stag party. Most of the buck’s night involves drinking and dancing in the bar. But if that vibe does not appeal,you or would-be groom is a sportslover, and then bubble soccer is the best activity that you can organise for your best friend.

Buck Night or a stag night means it has to be the biggest party for the groom, so why not stop being mainstream and try something unique.

Bubble soccer is a fun and mad activity for the buck’s night. One of the greatest reasons to choose bubble soccer is it will make you laugh like you haven’t before.

Here are some reasons why bubble soccer makes a great activity for buck’s party:

Easy to plan

Not all boys are into planning. They don’t buy gifts, cookies, banners, and props to make the buck’s night fun and colourful. For them, planning a buck’s night is like riding a bicycle with no breaks.

A bubble soccer session is easy to plan. You don’t have to shop either you have run to the place to book the venue. All you have to do is book the best bubble soccer organiser in Australia and let them do all the work for you. They will handle everything else, and you just need to turn up with your squad.


Bubble soccer isa unique and fun idea for buck’s night in Melbourne. It is not every day that your best friend gets married, so the big day before the BIG day has to be fun. On this special day, the groom wants to laugh and share memories with his closest friends. And bubble soccer sessions will give the groom that unforgettable moment to talk about and capture for years to come.

Running with the huge bubble around your body, bumping into each other, rolling over the stomach, and struggling to get up, this is the bubble soccer. You will get to experience many mini roller coaster rides. Apart from fun, playing bubble soccer is also a novel way to exercise.


Safety is a major concern for everyone. A common worry is the groom’s and everyone else’s safety while participating is a vigorous activity. While playing any sports, minor injuries are normal, but you cannot afford getting injured before the wedding. However, this is not the case with bubble soccer.

When you are playing bubble soccer, you are swaddled inside a giant bubble from the knees up, which reduces the risk of injury. Even if you fall, you will be cushioned by a bubble.

Most importantly, the event organisers will make sure that everything is up to the highest level of safety.

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