Why Buy Custom Orthotics instead of Off-the-Shelf?

Orthotics are additional support for individuals with chronic pain or issues, usually in the feet. Inserts and braces are both forms of orthotics. When you get in line at one of those we-have-everything Salt Lake City grocery stores and see the gel inserts for your shoes to help with foot pain or arch stability, you are looking at a form of orthotics that has been commercialized into a one-size-fits-all solution. There is no individualized aspect to these solutions; they’re what’s called “off the shelf”. For many people, these provide all the support they will ever need for their feet. If the pain is coming from a faltering arch or a way of walking, one of these braces might be enough to soothe the pain that bothers the average person every day. But, if the symptoms are caused by a more severe issue, these off the shelf braces and inserts might do more harm than good. Most people, though, will never know there is anything else out there besides braces you can buy at the grocery store.

But there are custom orthotics waiting for those who need them in Salt Lake City.

Custom braces provide specialized care for those with moderate-to-severe issues that need correction. The braces and supports are created by carefully measuring the individual’s foot and leg and creating cast molds of them so that the support can be made to fit that individual. They are particularly useful to provide relief to those with uneven gaits, chronic pain, and other issues that can be alleviated by support. When discussing solutions with a doctor, they will usually recommend custom braces when they think it is best, but even if you haven’t spoken to a doctor about it specifically, it is worth looking into the options to see if it will be something that will benefit your particular situation. 

There are businesses in Salt Lake City that provide custom orthotics and work with doctors and medical personnel to provide support based on particular diagnosis and situations. Patients are cared for first and foremost at these businesses, and the custom orthotics are made specifically for them. Because they’re made specifically for them, custom braces were also longer-lasting than off the shelf solutions. Braces and inserts that cater to your body’s individual shape will last up to three years, sometimes longer if you have a variation of supports that you can trade out everyday. For a solution to your pain, look for a longer-lasting, more personalized solution and custom orthotics with a company like Fit-Well, which has a long history of satisfying customers.

Fit-Well provides custom orthotics in Salt Lake City for those needing special support.