Why Choose HDFC Bank Home Loans

HDFC is one of the largest home loan providers in India that offers home loans to purchase, build, renovate or redecorate your home. HDFC home loan with its easy EMIs beginning from around ₹ 700/lakh and interest rates starting from 6.95 % per annum makes it a preferred choice among several individuals.

What are the Home Loan Options that HDFC offers?

Home Loan: The bank provides home loans to buy a new or resale house and for construction purposes. If you apply jointly with your spouse, it increases your eligibility of getting an HDFC Home Loan.

Home Improvement Loan: These loans are equivalent to a housing loan where you get funds to improve/renovate your home. You can upgrade and make the much-needed repairs with a home improvement loan. The loan amount can be utilized for waterproofing, rainwater harvesting, roofing, plumbing and electrical works, flooring, grills, compound walls, maintenance, remodelling, restoration, etc.

Home Extension Loan: It provides you with funds to expand your new home to accommodate your growing family’s changing requirements. It can be expanding to another space or adding another floor.

In addition to these mortgage loans, the bank also sells a large variety of products such as:

  • Plot Loans
  • Rural Housing Loans
  • Inclusive Home Loans
  • Top-up Loans
  • Balance Transfer
  • Loans For NRI/PIO

Why choose HDFC home loan products?

  • As they come at a relatively low-interest rate, HDFC home loan are cheaper and more comfortable on your wallet.
  • There are personalized repayment plans available to suit your wallet & specifications.
  • The loan approval process is entirely transparent for HDFC home loan items, so there is no space for any hidden or secret costs.
  • Expert legal and professional advice is available to help you make the correct choice on a home purchase for your lifetime commitment.
  • You can ask the bank to deduct your HDFC Home Loan EMIs directly from your HDFC Bank Savings Account, thus saving you the difficulty of handling post-dated cheques.
  • The bank also offers doorstep facility for collecting documents.
  • The hdfc bank offers home loans to government & private sector workers for rural properties for salaried and self-employed rural housing finance. Home loans are also made available under this framework to businesspeople & merchants who have been filing IT returns for the past three years.
  • Opt for a balance transfer to HDFC if you are an existing borrower and have an ongoing home loan from another branch, taking advantage of cheaper HDFC Home Loan Interest Rate and better customer support. A lot of capital can be saved that you would have spent with higher interest by doing this.
  • Via the online feature, you can apply for an HDFC bank home loan at your convenience, anywhere, wherever. The online home loan application is a quick 3-step procedure with easy uploading of documents, online fee payment and fast approval.

HDFC Home Loan Interest rates

  • Plot Loans 
    • Upto 30 Lacs, Applicable Interest Rates for salaried and self-employed women 6.95 to 7.45%. For others 7.00 to 7.50
    • For 30.01 Lacs – 75 Lacs, salaried and self-employed women are offered 7.20 to 7.70% and others 7.25 to 7.75%    
    • For 75.01 Lacs & Above, salaried and self-employed women are offered 7.30 to 7.80% and others 7.35 to 7.85%    
  • Tru-fixed Loans
    • 2 Years up to 30 Lacs, Applicable Interest Rates for salaried and self-employed women 7.40 to 7.90. For others 7.45 to 7.95.
    • For 30.01 Lacs – 75 Lacs, salaried and self-employed women are offered 7.55 to 8.05% and others 7.60 to 8.10%    
    • For 75.01 Lacs & Above, salaried and self-employed women are offered 7.65 to 8.15% and others 7.70 to 8.20%  

What are the required documents to avail an HDFC home loan?

To apply for a home loan, applicants need to submit the following documents:

  • Application form for the home loan along with three recent passport size photographs.
  • Evidence of identity: PAN, Passport, Election ID card, Aadhar or driving licence.
  • Latest copies of utility bills such as telephone, power bill, water bill, gas bill, or a copy of aadhar card, passport, driving licence for proof of residence.
  • Property papers: Construction permit; Allotment letter; Stamped sale agreement; registered sale agreement (only Maharashtra); share certificate (only Maharashtra); Electricity bill; Property tax receipt; New property conveyance deed; expenditure receipts or bank account statements of payments paid for the house to the seller.
  • Applicant’s bank account statements in all bank accounts for the past six months.
  • Last year’s Loan account statement whether a loan has been taken before by any other lender.
  • Salary slip for the previous three months; copies of form 16 for the last two years; a copy of the IT returns for the previous two financial years, acknowledged by the department of income tax for salaried individuals.
  • Address proof of business; Last three years IT returns; Last three years balance sheet and profit & loss A/c; Details of business licence; TDS certificate or Form 16 A for self-employed individuals.
  • Self-employed practitioners such as CA, lawyers, physicians, among others, are also expected to present their qualification certificate.

Conclusion:  Choosing HDFC home loan is a prudent financial decision. The home loan products and the service offered by the HDFC bank are among the best available in the market. What’s more, is the low HDFC Home loan interest rates which will help you save more than with any other bank.