Why Costa Rica Is the Most Luxurious Destination for Weddings


You might think of Hawaii or Vegas when it comes to wedding destinations, but few weddings are as luxurious as those that take place in the tropical paradise that is Costa Rica. The Central American country has always been a well-kept traveling secret that we are about to let you in on. Couples who wish to experience the tranquility and festivity of the beautiful country during their special day will find plenty of useful tips and information below. Let’s take a look at why Costa Rica is the best choice for a luxury destination wedding!

What Makes a Luxury Destination Wedding?

When you think of a luxury destination wedding, you probably picture fantastic resorts, beautiful landscapes, pristine beaches, and exciting attractions. Costa Rica boasts all of this and much more. The rich biodiversity and the country’s willingness to allow tourism to contribute heavily to their economy have transformed the place into a place primed for couples looking to marry.

Beautiful Resorts

Resorts like the Four Seasons are conveniently located next to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. If that is not luxury, we don’t know what is. Couples looking to get married in Costa Rica can arrange their big day with resorts such as Nayara Springs and Secrets Papagayo right next to Arenillas Beach. Guests will be comfortable and the ceremony outside will be as luxurious as can be. Booking these resorts in advance is always a good idea as each year more and more people are planning elaborate weddings.


Couples looking for a luxury destination wedding will be blown away by the various areas within Costa Rica that provide them with the perfect spot. There is the gulf of Papagayo, the Tamarindo Town, and the soaring Cloud Forests, to name a few. Each location offers an excellent backdrop for wedding ceremonies and an unforgettable experience for family and friends. The exotic vibe of Costa Rica is luxurious, indeed.


The people of Costa Rica have a reputation as some of the friendliest in the world. The country is also heavily patrolled, and citizens are keen on respecting the law. And since the tourism industry is just behind coffee and bananas as some of the country’s main GDP drivers, the citizens of the country are happy to help tourists out. Couples will feel like they have inherited a tropical kingdom as they are taken care of from start to finish.

A Unique Value

Costa Rica offers luxury to its visitors at an excellent price. The Costa Rican colón is 0.0018 to the United States Dollar, to give you an idea of how far your dollar can go in Costa Rica. Forget places like Hawaii, which each year cost couples thousands of dollars on destination weddings; Costa Rica offers much more bang for your buck.

A Paradise Awaits

Costa Rica is a paradise waiting. Couples who choose to marry in the country will find themselves surrounded by beautiful nature, friendly inhabitants, and excellent catering from beginning to the end. The country continues to improve its tourism infrastructure and each year more people are finding out the secret. Costa Rica is awaiting; it is up to you to head on down. For more information, click here.