Why Do the Best CBD Products Have Terpenes Added to Them?

CBD products extracted from hemp can be legally bought and used by people with cancer and other ailments. If you take a closer look at the ingredient list of the CBD products, you will see the terpene mentioned in the list. Here are some reasons why the best CBD products have terpenes added to them.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are pungent compounds produced by plants to attract pollinators and repel pests. These compounds are also part of your daily life. For example, terpenes are responsible for the soothing aroma of lavender and citrus scent from fruits. They have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Cannabis sativa and hemp are some of the richest sources of terpenes in plants. The best CBD products mention the terpene profile that helps you know what kind of effect you can expect from the CBD product.

Terpenes in CBD products

There is a lot of confusion between terpenes and terpenoids; many CBD product users think they are the same, which is not valid. Terpenes refer to a natural compound existing in the bud or flower of a cannabis plant. On the other hand, terpenoids are the chemically altered form of terpenes. Terpenoids are obtained by drying and curing cannabis flowers.

Effect of Terpenes

Unlike the Delta-9 THC, terpenes do not cause “high” associated with some CBD products. There are different types of terpenes found in CBD oil. Here is the list of terpenes and their associated effects.


The scientific name of this terpene is Myrciasphaerocarpa, and it is named after a Brazilian shrub. It is used in traditional medicines used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, and diarrhea. Myrcene is found in cannabis chemovars and other plants and fruits like basil, lemongrass, mangoes, and hops. It has a sedative effect.


This terpene is found in spices like coriander and cinnamon. The scent of lavender is due to Linalool.  It is an anticonvulsant which means it might help prevent seizures. Linalool is known to have relaxing and soothing properties.


The name of this terpene might sound familiar; it is found in citrus rinds. This terpene adds a lemony aroma to several products you use, like household cleaning products, perfumes, and food.  In 2020, a study was published in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, which mentions Limonene has anti-anxiety properties.


Alpha-humulene is a fruity-smelling terpene found in most cannabis chemovars. Besides, this terpene is also found in ginseng, sage, and hops. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties, and some pieces of evidence suggest Alpha-humulene might also help subdue appetite.


It is found in most cannabis plant varieties, and you can know its presence by the unique scent of pepper it gives out.  Beta-caryophyllene interacts with CB2 (cannabinoid receptor 2), which suggests it can reduce inflammation and pain. A study was conducted where a mouse was treated with Beta-caryophyllene, and the terpene helped reduce addictive behavior in mice.

Why Are Terpenes Added to CBD Products?

Terpenes are known to have therapeutic properties. One primary reason they are added to CBD products is they work well with THC and CBD. The working of Terpenes with CBD and THC is known as the “Entourage Effect.” One of the most significant benefits provided by Terpenes is they speed up the passing of cannabinoids into your bloodstream.

Linalool, a terpene, changes the way cannabinoids interact with neurotransmitters; they create sedative and anxiolytic sensations. Some terpenes reduce the loss of long-term memory associated with THC. They lessen the psycho-activity of tetrahydrocannabinol.

To sum up, terpenes are considered safe by FDA, and there is no need to fear the addition of terpenes in CBD products. They provide several benefits to your health, like protecting your nervous system, reducing inflammation, and even preventing tumor development.