Why EMF Radiation Protection Is So Famous

Humanity’s increasing dependence on technology is undeniable-everywhere you look we’re surrounded by smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, routers, bluetooth devices and more. We have become a tech-savvy generation, unable to imagine life without our tech devices. The use of modern technology is also rampant in our schools, offices, and even health care facilities.

While electronics certainly offer us many conveniences in life, there is an unfortunate downside. These devices emit varying degrees of electromagnetic radiation. It would be nearly impossible to escape the intricate web of cables, wires, transmitters and routers that run the grid and keep us connected. This additional electrical infrastructure exposes us to hazardous EMF.

Why EMF Radiation Protection has Become So Popular

Now more than ever, people are recognizing the potential threats to our health. Medical professionals, engineers and the health and wellness community globally are concerned by the impact of these radiation. The topic of electro-pollution has led the World Health Organization (WHO) to initiate an EMF radiation project to address these growing concerns. The organization has a large, multidisciplinary research effort. The International EMF Project compiles current research and available resources from international and national agencies and scientific institutions.

EMF Health Risks

According to modern medical research, there is a notable association between high levels of EMF exposure and serious health conditions. Long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields can lead to mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue. Researchers have found that EMF radiation also damages the human DNA, leading to disruption in the body’s delicate chemical balance. As a result, cellular level damage can occur. There may be an association between increased EMF radiation exposure and health conditions such as breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, infertility, miscarriage, and heart health (cardiovascular) conditions. Recent studies about workplace exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields and electric shocks has indicated an increased occurrence of neurological disorders.

As awareness grows and society becomes more informed, consumers have sought out new methods of EMF protection. Many choose to shield their own electrical devices from radiating harmful emissions into the environment provides a variety of EMF/EMI, RFI and EMC shielding products. offer maximum shielding protection under the most challenging of conditions.

Evidence of these health risks have caused an increased interest in EMF radiation protection. There are two different types of EMF or electromagnetic frequencies. Low frequency EMFs are below about 60 hertz and can be found within most households. They are emitted from appliances and devices such as microwaves, in-home electrical wiring, and power lines.

While low frequency EMFs can pose some negative health risks, high frequency EMFs are far more dangerous. Protection against these types of frequencies is considered much more crucial- these are the waves coming from cellular devices, radio and wireless frequencies. The quantity of this type of EMF has increased dramatically within recent years.

What Types of Devices Are the Worst Offenders?

Traditional light bulbs, including CFLs and LEDs. LEDs are, however, safer than traditional bulbs. Your best bet is to install incandescent and halogen light bulbs whenever possible. Other EMF emitting devices in your home are basically anything that is run by a motor, such as your refrigerator. When it turns on, it releases a fair amount of EMF, but fortunately that does not last long. Smart TVs and other similar smart devices also impact the amount of radiation emitted into your environment.

Types of EMF Radiation Protection

There are various types of protection available. First and foremost, it is important to try to limit exposure as much as possible. Do not sleep with your cell phone close to your body, especially while it is charging. Avoid leaving devices in your pocket. There are many types of radiation shields on the market, but be sure to do plenty of research about your product of choice.