A floor is the bottom surface of a room or a venue which can support the expected load. It appears everywhere such as weddings, theme parks, amusement parks, concerts, fashion shows, bars, shopping malls, etc. The most common floors in our daily life include wooden floor, tile floor and interactive led dance floor. In this article, we’ll make a comparison among them and help you to make a conscious and informed purchase.

The entertainment industry and the fashion industry is growing, so is the production and demand for the floors. As a matter of fact, there are many floor manufacturers devote themselves to creating more innovative and fashionable floors for customers in this competitive market. Take Sunfrom as an example. Sunfrom is a China-based enterprise in Guangzhou with a 10-year experience in manufacturing interactive led dance floor, LED background panel lighting, LED ceiling lighting, LED stage effect lighting, etc. The high-quality products and superior customer services have earned Sunfrom a good reputation in the floor industry and enabled it to sell products to the whole world.

There comes the comparison among three kinds of floors we just mention as follows. Read on to know more.


Many people prefer a wooden floor accounting for its sound insulation and sound absorption. What’s more, the wooden floor will not contain any formaldehyde and it will not bring any radioactivity. Therefore, it is good for our body. One of the advantages of a wooden floor is that, it has good elasticity. In this case, when you stand barefoot on the wooden floor, you will feel very comfortable and relaxed. It also has perfect temperature regulation functions because of its low thermal conductivity of wood. However, the performance of wooden floor to absorb the water is so poor that it will not be suitable to use it in a relatively humid environment. It is also easy to deform and lose luster. In addition, you should pay attention to the corrosion issue and the fire issue. It can cause a waste of wood and destroy the environment.


Compared with the wooden floor and stone floor, the price of the tile floor is relatively low. It also has excellent resistance to heat, sound, moisture, and corrosion. Therefore, the tile floor will have a long life cycle. Besides, customers can participate in and enjoy the design process of pattern and color of the tile floor. Tile floor can be easy to clean, which helps to maintain a beautiful and clean environment of your room or venue. However, the comfort and thermal insulation of tile flooring will be worse than the ones of the wooden floor. Some inferior tile floors even have radioactive pollution, which is harmful to human health. Also, it can be easy to slip on the wet tile floors.


Interactive led dance floor is a floor with panels or tiles that light up with different colors. It can also display different patterns and flash under computer control. The floors are typically constructed of solid sided square cells and tiled with toughened glass, acrylic glass or Lexan top. The sides and bottoms are made reflective and the top diffuses the light to give an even color. For example, P6.25 HD DANCE FLOOR from Sunfrom is popular among many customers across the globe with its competitive price. It features explosion-proof, antiskid and excellent heat dissipation. The surface is made from PC+ composite materials which is not only waterproof but can block out UV radiation from the sun to such an extent. The bright and colorful images displayed by it are treats to eyes. Its load-bearing capacity can reach 2000KG/m2 which can bear the weight of a car. Besides, it can be installed and disassembled quickly so that it can be easier and more convenient to repair it. The most important thing is that, this advanced dance floor can achieve interaction with audiences. Equipped with sensors, it can be updated to trace the footsteps and present instant images with the human body’s activities.

Now that you’ve gone through enough information above, you can easily pick the satisfactory floor that best suits your requirement. How about trying the P6.25 HD DANCE FLOOR from Sunfrom? We highly recommend the product.