Why is a VPN service important for a blogger?

There are numerous number of blogging platforms available and but sadly only a few of them offer even standard security features. Considering the rising number of online threats to your security that have been keep surging with time, it is necessary that you should look into some of those online security measures like a VPN or formally known as Virtual Private Network.

Online data breach has been one of the biggest concerns haunting people of today. Digging deep into the personal details of the people who surf the web, eventually to expose them or to pry into their online wallet is more than a common practice today. Hence, it is but necessary to get the best VPN service available.

the importance of vpn

Most of us are out half the time and we tend to rely on public internet services more than we can choose to. We are not usually aware of the fact that sharing or using files over those public networks can lead to data theft more common than often. The hackers pry on in order to steal private data. It can prove deadly for us. They can steal information like our identity, credit card information and passwords. With the help of a right VPN one can prevent cyber attacks and ransom ware attacks which can also lead to locking your hard drive. It is also a means to get access to geo-restricted websites.


Bloggers are the kind of individuals who mostly interact via web on a daily basis and usually from all the different locations. Especially people like travel or food bloggers who keep roaming around to gather information for writing new blogs. They soak new experiences to come up with new posts. In these cases, a VPN can be really useful to defy geo- restrictions. In case, you end in a country that has a restriction on the type of research that you want to conduct, you might want to have access to those websites.

As mentioned above, most of the bloggers are on a move to gather information from newer experiences and hence, are vulnerable to using more private networks. They tend to post their blogs online from different locations. This kind of need of bloggers is non-negotiable. In this case, VPN becomes an indispensable factor for the bloggers. With the VPN service the bloggers can use any public network freely and login into their accounts and yet keep their information private. It becomes important for the bloggers to keep their websites SSL certified to ensure optimum security and combining it with a VPN helps in keeping away their privacy concerns.

A lot of VPN services are available online and anyone can find them pretty easily just by making a quick search. However, the quality of service depends from service to service. A paid service obviously offers for security, speed and reliability as compared to a free VPN service. They help to keep cyber crimes under the scanner.

To avoid all the thefts and problems therefore, all the bloggers must use a VPN service.