Why is Ozone technology beneficial to you? Is it safe?

The ozone generator is a device that performs the decontamination of microorganisms and the elimination of odours. It also operates as an air purifier, sanitizes food, industrial equipment and swimming pools with greater efficiency than conventional chemicals. It has numerous benefits: degrades contaminants and pollutants, more efficient than chlorine and sustainability.

Highly oxidizing molecules form the composition of ozone. It is capable of degenerating bacteria, protozoa and viruses and other organic matter. Studies confirm that ozone is about 200 times more efficient in decontaminating organic compounds and eliminating odours. It reduces the emission of toxic waste to the environment. That is why ozone is also considered an environmentally friendly alternative, and the ozone generator is becoming the most effective solution for several applications every day. If you wish to hire the best service provider for ozone technologies near me, then search online and select the best company at affordable prices.

Where to use the ozone generator?

Ozone is a gas with high oxidation power and harmless to food. Unlike other chemical products, ozone turns back into oxygen in a relatively short space of time. The ozone generator captures oxygen and transfers it to the Cold Plasma plate, which converts oxygen to ozone. It uses only electricity to operate since it has a timer responsible for finalizing the application of ozone according to the program. Ozone technology is used in numerous sectors:

  • Automotive sector: Eliminate the smell of cigarettes and microorganisms in cars in an environmentally friendly way through the oxy sanitization method.
  • Hospitality: The use of the ozone generator sanitizes and deodorizes hotel rooms, removing any type of odour. It also eliminates bacteria, viruses, protozoa and mites.
  • Effluent treatment: Highly oxidizing and reactive, ozone natural gas is an excellent option for degrading toxic gas molecules with odours and treating liquid effluents. It also removes heavy metals with ozone efficiency.
  • Pool: Special control in water treatment due to the high potential of ozone. It is estimated that its action is 3120 faster and 200 times more effective than chlorine.
  • Breweries: Ozone sanitizes and disinfects safely and quickly bottles, tanks and other utensils that require rigorous biological control without leaving any flavour or chemical residues.
  • Residences: Acts as a room cleaner and also eliminates mould from walls, curtains, carpets and other fabrics. It can also be used to sanitize food and treat water.
  • Food industry: Decontamination and food preservation using ozone for a better quality of fruits and vegetables. Search Google for the best cold storage near me, and consult with a professional, now.
  • Rainwater treatment: Avoid the proliferation of microorganisms, algae and foul odours with the ozone-based rainwater reuse treatment.

Disinfection and purification applications

Disinfection and purification processes have many applications. For example, treating drinking water with ozone provides clean, colourless and tasteless crystal water. Ozone based process is also used in wastewater treatment, soil correction, etc. For laboratories and the healthcare industry, water purification applications range from kidney dialysis or sterile services to glassware washing and DNA sequencing.