Jewelry can make any outfit look fresher and add some visual interest to your style. However, many men don’t realize that they have just as many options for accessorizing as women do, and they can find all kinds of unique pieces to add to their favorite outfits. The reality is that looking good helps you feel more confident, in addition to providing a boost to your mood. Many people also work in jobs where looking fashionable and put together is a requirement. No matter what your motivation is for doing some shopping, read on to learn more about why men’s jewelry is becoming increasingly popular.

Why is men’s jewelry becoming more popular?

Though some people think of jewelry as something that is primarily worn by women, it’s becoming increasingly common for men to accessorize a little bit too. Men’s jewelry is experiencing something of a renaissance, and it’s worth checking out some of the latest styles to see if there’s anything you might like wearing this holiday season.

With the military look back in, dog tags are one great way for men to get in on the trend. Most stores offer engraving services with them, so you can customize yours with the name of someone special to you or a favorite quote. Pendants are also big right now, particularly cross necklaces for men. Religious imagery has always been incorporated into different types of clothes and jewelry, and this season is no different.

Chain necklaces and bracelets are also a major trend right now, for both men and women. You can find options made from a variety of different materials including sterling silver, yellow gold, and stainless steel. Textured metal is one look that has been showing up frequently in fashion magazines of late too.

What other fashion trends should men keep an eye out for?

As the winter gets closer, outerwear is a good place to focus if you’re planning to do some shopping. Your fall jacket will often be part of the first impression people have of you, so it’s important to get one that looks and feels like it fits you. Jackets are also essential anywhere that the temperature gets low during the winter, so quality and insulation should always be a priority. A classic fall fleece is a must-have in colder climates. Military styles, like bomber jackets, are also trendy for men this year.

Gloves that you can use with all your devices are a smart buy for anyone who uses their tech on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to buy your jacket first, so you can look for a reliable pair of everyday gloves that matches perfectly. Since tech-friendly gloves that work with touchscreens are becoming ubiquitous, you can find a lot more colors and styles than you used to be able to.

You can also consider alternatives to a basic paper face mask. Even opting for a thicker material in a sleeker color can pull any outfit together. Masks are obviously about safety, not style, but there are plenty of protective options that also happen to look and feel great to wear.

A necklace, bracelet, or an eye-catching watch makes a great addition to any outfit. With so many family gatherings and holiday parties on the way, it’s the perfect time to level up your fashion game. There are plenty of jewelry trends this fall that men can participate in and enjoy, just as much as women. Don’t miss the chance to pick up some jewelry pieces that will improve your style and give you a little more confidence when you walk out the door each morning.