Why People with Chronic Digestion Problems are Getting Acupuncture in Houston

Chronic stomach issues are life-changing. But, the changes happen slowly, often starting at an early age. Before long (typically in the patient’s early 30s), the stomach issues start draining the energy out of the patients’ bodies. Thankfully, this transition from a frustrating disease into an outright painful condition can be stopped.

The key lies in improving your gut health. Surprisingly, many people with chronic stomach issues are turning to acupuncture Houston. Visits to physician offices are important. But, serious conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), etc., also need extra, alternative treatment.

That’s where getting acupuncture Houston has been life-changing for many people suffering from frustrating and painful stomach issues.

Chronic Stomach Issues – The Need for Alternative Treatment Solutions

The number of patients with diseases of the digestive system in the US is steadily increasing every year.

  • According to CDCP reports, 21+ million Americans suffer from diseases of the digestive system. Approximately 25% of these patients with chronic digestive diseases require surgical operations.
  • Over 37.2 million Americans are diagnosed with diseases of the digestive system. 7.9 million patients are sent to emergency departments.
  • Digestive diseases are the leading causes of disability/injury in the workforce.

Most patients try working with stomach specialists. Unfortunately, prescription medications often lead to more disappointment. Patients on medications keep reporting sudden stomach issues after feeling fine for 2-3 weeks. That’s why safe, natural, and holistic treatment solutions (along with prescription drugs) are very important.

Experts of acupuncture Houston use this process on patients to reduce acid reflux, gas, stomach pain, and much more. Most importantly, this traditional Chinese therapy helps people improve their gut health. Gut health improvement is the first step to improving your overall digestion. Here’s how acupuncture successfully improves their gut health.

A Holistic, Natural, and Multi-Modal approach

Receiving regular acupuncture, paired with herbal medicine, can treat all types of digestive issues and disorders. 4 to 6 weeks of acupuncture Houston is enough for patients to reduce the severity of their stomach issues. These acupuncture sessions are designed to be warm, comfortable, and extremely relaxing.

  • Patients receive warm towels, cozy covers, and heated tables – just like in an aromatherapy session.
  • Patients have to eat something before the therapy to avoid feeling lightheaded.
  • The therapists detect the acupressure points in the patient’s stomach, lower leg, etc. Then, these points are injected with sterile, safe, and pain-free needles.
  • Light pressure is applied on these needles. The pressure points are activated, and they send messages to the brain via the connective tissues. The messages subtly alter the patient’s brain chemistry.
  • Within 4 to 6 weeks of treatments (typically takes even less time), patients experience significant ingredients. Therapists may also ask the patients to take herbal medicine or eat herbal food with anti-inflammatory ingredients like cardamom.

Most importantly, acupuncture is a 100% safe procedure, especially if you’re doing it to boost your digestive health. Receiving acupuncture will only boost your metabolism, reduce stomach pain, alleviate constipation, and so much more. Anyone suffering from digestive issues should seek an experienced, skilled practitioner of acupuncture Houston.