Why Should You Get an Interior Design During the Pandemic?

Living in the pandemic has taught people several lessons. Whether it is about staying connected despite the challenges or being comfortable being alone in your home, it was all unprecedented. Since plenty of workers like you are working at home, creating makeshift office corners must have been difficult. In a cramped, small space of a condo unit or an HBD, the transition process of working in your bedroom was not a breeze.

Understandably, most condo interior design in Singapore may not include an office corner. The fast-paced lifestyle of people may not even call the need for it. People in the working class are always required to perform their jobs in an office building, anyway. Hence, it might have been too late for you to realise your need for it. What is the result? Back pain and the feeling of being trapped in a small box.

Even with the gradual ease of the pandemic restrictions in the country, one can never be too sure. One day your company might declare that you will all work from home because they will sell the office workplace or the contract ended. Either way, there is uncertainty. Even with this uncertainty, it does not mean that you should endure the unproductive and non-ergonomic setup you have at home. You should consider renovating or remodel your small space!


Common Problems with Small Home Spaces

Did you know that you can live large in small spaces? While it may seem like a conflicting thought, it is possible because there are interior designs that can make your space look and feel larger than it is.

You might have heard about the growing following of homeowners on minimalist home design. It is one of the recommended designs for small spaces, similar to what you have right now. However, what are the common problems that homeowners like you face daily? Learn them below:


Limited storage space

One of the biggest and common problems of the people living in small apartments is their limited storage space. While Marie Kondo, a renowned tidying expert from Japan, would say that decluttering would help in clearing your space, you should know that you can avoid sacrificing your sentimental items by redesigning your space. Trust that an interior designer would help you out!

No room separators

A common condo interior design is based on an open concept layout. What does this mean? Your space is out in the open that when you enter your front door, you will see all the rooms at one because there is no wall to separate or hide them. Sometimes, it may lead you to feel like you are living in a mini showroom.

Well, there are still solutions for these kinds of problems. If you want your bedroom separated from your office corner, renovating your space by adding a thin wall would be effective. Of course, you would need to hire a professional to make your vision a success.

Bad lighting

Not all homeowners have the skills to install lighting fixtures to have ample light in their office corners. You might relate to this. A small, cramped room usually only comes with one overhead light and one window. It is not favourable for your eyes and your electricity bill to have it switched on all the time. While a lamp would be a good solution, you might not have the tablespace to fit one.

Adding or removing lighting fixtures is part of a renovation package in Singapore if you want to take good care of your eyes. Trust that these design experts you would be working with will incorporate lighting tricks to make your room brighter but also feel bigger. If that has been successful, you would see the difference in your work performance and productivity!


The Importance of Having a Productive Space

When you started your work-from-home arrangement, you might not have an idealised version of what your home office corner should look like. This is normal. You may not have been aware of how having an office environment can impact the way you work at home.

Remember that your office and desk space are essential parts of creating a working environment. Thus, the question is: what does having a working environment at home can do for you?


Eliminate the blurry line of personal and professional space

It can help you recognise your personal space from your professional space. In your personal space, you would have your bed, kitchen, and other entertainment corners. Your professional space, however, would be filled with productivity tools, such as your laptop, PC, tablets, phone, among other things. When you get a condo interior design, they would make it possible for you to have both of them. As a result, you can train your brain when to relax and when to activate a working mind!

You can turn on your camera

Work meetings and casual meetings are all conducted online now. It may not feel the same, but it does its job of keeping the work organised and the business running smoothly. You may have been asked to turn on your computer’s camera whenever these business meetings are done. Did you ever hesitate to turn it on? If you ever resort to having a virtual background, you may deliver the wrong impression. Hence, you should consider having a room remodelling. In this way, you would not be ashamed to turn on your camera, and you get to express your opinions on certain work projects clearer.

Things would not get lost

You would not want to waste your working hours flipping your couch pillows and bed looking for an important document. Misplacing work items may often occur at home. What is worse is that your dog or cat may cause you trouble with your bosses because they have scratched your work documents to pieces. You can avoid this when you get a new condo interior design. Not only will you get more work done, but you will also steer clear of troubles!


Why Getting a Condo Interior Design Would be Beneficial Today?

Working at home has its perks but also its challenges. However, what if someone told you that you can further reduce those challenges by simply having interior design renovation packages from Singapore service providers during the pandemic? You must say yes!

Here are the reasons why getting a condo interior redesign would be good for work-at-home professionals like you:


Be in control of your space

Your home might have looked the same since you lived there. Since you were on and about your day before the pandemic, you might have lost your interest in making it your own. Well, it is time that you regain that authority. Working with experienced interior designers will help in giving you control over your space. You would be the one making the decisions so your space can fit your work-at-home needs!

You earned the budget

Without the extra expenses that you spend during Friday nights or the concerts you wanted to attend, you may have the budget to give your home redecoration. There may be renovation packages in Singapore that match your budget. With a small space, you can expect that you would spend less than many homeowners.

In addition, when you found the right company to help you out, trust that they would find ways to make your budget work. Remember that they have connections with construction companies that may give you a discount!

All eyes on the construction progress

Small spaces rarely take a long time to finish. For obvious reasons, the small space is easier to renovate than a big family house. With this, you can have all of your attention to the construction progress. You get to ensure that they are following the design that you have finalised with your interior designer.

You will be working with experts

What you see or read on the internet about minimalist home design may not come from trained and experienced professionals. When it comes to your home interior design, you should only trust the opinion of experts. They will tell you if the design that you want can fit your lifestyle and work needs.

Smooth process

Many businesses have been affected by the worldwide pandemic. Hence, the interior design company that you might have approached has had a shortage of clients. While it may be bad for them, it is an advantage for you. When your designer has other clients, they might shift their focus away from you.

Even when your renovation project is only small, you would not have to worry about competing with other clients because some companies may only have a limited number of clients today. Thus, you can expect a smooth project process and get to finish the project on time!


Tips in Designing Your New Space to Incorporate Your Personality

No one would have expected that several workers like you would be sitting in pyjamas on the couch while you are typing on your laptop that is placed on your coffee table, then call it working. Well, it is never too late to change it all. By all, it means redesigning your space to a minimalist home design so you could incorporate an office corner for your professional needs.

If you have no idea where to start, here are some tips that you could follow when you are in the planning phase of your home reconstruction:


Choose the best spot

You may not be one of the few people who already have a whole room or corner dedicated to their home office. It does not mean that you cannot have one. When it comes to emerging an office space in your home, you should pick a sunny corner to place your desk. Your interior designer would suggest that you choose the corner closest to your window. Why? Natural lighting and fresh air can improve your working mood and keep feelings of depression and anxiety at bay.

Start with the basics

Many tables can be put in your condo interior design, but you must start with two key elements when you want to have a productive office space. What are they? An ergonomic chair and a wide desk. These are the basic items that you must have in your office corner. They would ensure that you would have uninterrupted working hours because you would not have to shift from side to side, unlike when you are only sitting on a couch made for relaxing.

Invest in storage solutions

Pick furniture that both have function and design. It will help in keeping your space neat, tidy, and clutter-free. You must remember that your surroundings have a strong influence on your behaviour, cognition, emotions, decision-making, and relationship with others. When you have a cluttered environment, you would not expect to have a productive work session.

The common solution found in a condo interior design is investing in storage solutions. What your designer can suggest is that you make use of your vertical space. To make this happen, they would install floating shelves, racks, and hooks to create more storage space for you. Trust that they would know which type of storage solution would work best for your space.

Consider solid colours and mirrors

Solid colours and mirrors are the oldest tricks in the book of maximising your space and making it appear bigger than it is. Mirrors, for instance, bounce light around the room, making it look bright and open. If placed strategically, you can give the illusion of a room beyond a room!


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