Why Small Businesses Should Outsource Their Payroll

Many company owners are not accounting experts or have expertise or training in handling their payroll. For small business owners, payroll processing can be complicated and frustrating. The fact that the government can enforce fines if the company doesn’t correctly makes payroll processing very challenging.

As a result, most small business owners leave payroll processing to professionals by outsourcing or in-house processing of payroll (also known as traditional payroll).


If a business owner uses an accountant to do in-house payroll processing, costs may be between $260 and $480 per payroll run, not every month, but each payroll is run every time. And if the organization runs its payroll bi-weekly or weekly, this number would be doubled or quadrupled. Even without a business degree, everybody knows that the sooner you can become a successful owner, the lower your expenses are.

Avoid penalties:

  1. Around 30 percent of small business owners are penalized by the government each year for wrongly paying or filing their payroll taxes.
  2. That’s a reasonably high percentage, and doing your own small business payroll processing at about $850 a year in fines may not be as cost-effective as if you had a specialist do it for you.
  3. Payroll services companies such as Online Business Payroll automatically measure, pay, and document your small business’s payroll taxes.
  4. You’ll never be late or miss a payment or filing due to the automated procedure.

Outsourced Payroll is Easy:

It’s quick to use payroll processing performed by an outsourced small business payroll service. While it could take a couple of minutes to set up your workers, the actual payroll run can be completed in just a few minutes.

Only log into the safe online portal of your outsourced payroll service and enter the hours each employee worked during the pay period.

After you enter the hours of your workers, review the results, and click submit. Your payroll is over.

Maintain control:

The majority of payroll outsourcing services allow you to retain control over your payroll while taking care of the complicated payroll tax calculations in the background. It is an excellent relationship to outsource your payroll because it helps you remain in line with tax laws and allows you to concentrate on your company instead of attempting to become a payroll processing specialist.

Working with professionals:

If you are based out of the UK, you need to have professionals who have experience working with BACS and HMRC systems. Easy paye payroll services have industry experts to handle your payroll needs. They are registered with BACS; hence, it is easy for them to prepare large quantities of payslips regularly. They provide services like

  1. Digital payslips,
  2. HR advise,
  3. pension handling,
  4. Over time,
  5. Childcare scheme,
  6. Trade union contributions,
  7. Annual salary increases,
  8. Annual and statutory holidays
  9. Timesheet management.

The digital payslips provided by Easy paye during COVID-19 is effective and safe.