Why study Digital Marketing in Australia?

Needless to say that today, digital marketing is witnessing an ever-increasing boom followed by an increasing need for qualified professionals in the field. As the demand for digital specialists has grown steadily in recent years, and although there is no shortage of vacancies, recruiters often face shortage of talent with the skills their company or clients need.

There are dozens of reasons why you should choose to study Digital Marketing in Australia, but we will start with the top 3!

Firstly, studying Digital Marketing in Australia will open the doors for you toward promising career.

The country is a real growth market for digital marketing.  

Secondly, the salaries are more than attractive. According to job portals Indeed and Glassdoor, the average pay scale starts at AUD $75K.   

Thirdly, Digital Marketing jobs in Australia are plenty. You will never risk unemployment.  

For Digital Marketing: 

  • Seek 4798 postings  
  • Careerjet 1541
  • Alljobs 1171
  • Indeed 3866 
  • LinkedIn 2202 

For online marketing:

  • Seek 4723 
  • Careerjet 1183
  • Alljobs 1331
  • Indeed 2277 
  • LinkedIn 860 

For social media 

  • Seek 4473 
  • Careerjet 1577 
  • Alljobs 714 
  • Indeed 3864 
  • LinkedIn 2552

SEO job offers:

  • Seek 988 
  • Careerjet 319
  • Alljobs 164 
  • Indeed 850 
  • LinkedIn 721 

Next steps to study Digital Marketing in Australia

To help you pick the top digital marketing courses and the best digital marketing programs to enroll in, Edugate recommends the Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing, available at the Australian College of Business Intelligence.

Apply here: https://www.edugate.com.au/course/11707/advanced-diploma-of-digital-marketing

When it comes to international student visa processing requirements, you must know that all international students studying in Australia must hold a valid student visa. The requirements for each kind of visa you can apply for vary and depend on your Assessment Level. Your Assessment Level is based on your nationality. The application process can be lengthy and complicated, as each student needs to satisfy all the visa requirements.

Edugate is here to assist you every step of the way with your visa application process. https://www.edugate.com.au/student-visa-processing

Want to discuss more details related to Digital Marketing programs in Australia? Contact Edugate today and let’s talk about your future!