Why this Winter it is More Important than Ever to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Winter is nearly here and it’s a great time to get out and about in the countryside and enjoy the frosty mornings, low sun lighting up the forests and the peace and quiet of the snowy landscape.

Make sure you have all the right clothes ready – visit Shamrockgift the place to go for aran sweaters, a comfy pair of walking boots and a warm pair of socks are also essentials if you are heading out into the wilderness at this time of the year!

Wintery storms see snow fall across the UK – and the weather is going to  stay freezing

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There are plenty of fantastic locations that you can enjoy a pleasant walk in the countryside – in the UK we are very lucky to have so much beautiful scenery all over the country so there is always somewhere to discover and explore near to you.

It is particularly important at this time of the year that we try our best to get out and about in the fresh air – the lack of sunlight and the shorter days can make more people feel down, leading to mental illness and problems like depression and anxiety.

As well as this, the year has not been an easy one for most people, so walking in the calming countryside is a good way to get rid of stress and keep spirits up.

England in Winter - Pictures of England

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Exercise is another reason to enjoy a regular countryside walk – when we exercise, our brains release hormones that make us feel good, known as endorphins. Keeping endorphin levels up, decreases our risk of developing depression or stress.