Why use rubber cable glands     


The  traffic bump floor cable protector is the specific solution for the protection and safety of persons, vehicles, and equipment that come together in various public and private spaces. We are used to seeing the cable glands in industrial areas, airports,

Repair works or infrastructure creation in the streets or the construction of buildings of all kinds; nevertheless, its practical uses and applications include the assembly of light and sound shows, sporting events and festivities that bring together large human groups where luminaires, equipment and communication centers – press rooms – and temporary facilities are required to house people and equipment, in addition to facilitating the traffic of vehicles in these situations with the absolute protection of the wiring, pipes, hoses and other devices that make up the installation.

Using the cable speed bump ensures sufficient strength and flexibility that protects the integrity of the elements that run through the channels of the device, as well as the visibility required by operators, pedestrians, and passersby when they travel through the spaces where it has been necessary. Its implementation; without forgetting that the vehicles involved in the situation are also protected from trips and sudden maneuvers when they must pass them.

Types of floor grommets made of rubber

Security experts specialized in protection systems and delimitation of areas for risk prevention; we offer advice to choose the appropriate rubber grommets for each situation, to avoid wear and deterioration of cables, hoses, fiber optics and others devices maintaining the optimum safety for the movement of people and vehicles, being made of high strength black rubber and with the protective cap in high visibility yellow.

Cable gland 2 channel gutters: the size of each gutter is 32 mm high x 32 mm wide.

It covers 3-channel ground cables: the size of the central channel is 50 mm high x 55 mm wide and 50 mm x 65 mm for both exteriors.