Why You Should Choose Invisalign

Crooked and misaligned teeth are not a nice sight to behold. Brushing and cleaning the teeth can also be hard with crooked teeth and when not properly cleaned, it can lead to periodontal disease that can cause gum and bone damage, and loss of the tooth.

To align the teeth properly, wearing teeth braces is the solution. Conventional braces are uncomfortable, painful, and not that good to look at. Adults sometimes feel embarrassed from wearing them. Hence, Invisalign has found a solution for you.

Plano Invisalign is the answer to those who want to correct their teeth and yet do not want to feel embarrassed. Here are some reasons by Invisalign is preferred by many people.

Looks better than traditional braces

Metal braces can make your mouth look unattractive. These metal can easily be noticed by people and food can get caught in them without being aware. Invisalign clear braces are barely there. It is like you are not wearing any braces at all. Another thing about Invisalign is that they look better than the metal ones.

Easily removed

Plano Invisalign can be easily removed as opposed to metal braces when they should be in place until a professional remove them. If you wish to remove your braces, Plano Invisalign might just be the one for you. You will not have a problem eating or worrying about something getting caught in the wires.

No food restriction

Traditional metal braces will restrict you from eating certain foods that can damage your wires. Aside from that, you might sometimes be caught unaware that something got stuck in the wires without you knowing it. Invisalign will not give you such problems. You can eat anything.

Reduce teeth and gum damage

Traditional metal braces have wires and bits of metal that can scratch the gums and mouth. Invisalign braces are comfortable and smooth. There are no sharp edges.

Conventional braces can also affect demineralization and decaying teeth because a fair amount of force is required to straighten the teeth. Clear braces do not have this problem. There is lesser damage in clear braces.

Faster treatment

Treatment using metal braces takes a lot of time. It can last for as long as 5 years. However, Plano Invisalign can only do it in a year or a year and a half to straighten your teeth.

Dental patients who prefer Plano Invisalign undergo a computer treatment planning so they know what to expect and how long they will be wearing the braces. Metal braces do not offer such assurance and timeframe. There will be adjustments made and there is no definite schedule when it will be done.

Invisalign offers advantages over conventional metal braces. It may cost a bit more but it is worth the price. Invisalign is more comfortable and you can show your beautiful smile after a brief period. You do not have to wait very long.

Plano Smile Studio can give you back that nice smile without the crooked teeth. They offer Invisalign to make you feel more confident the next time you smile.